Amazon And HD Hyundai To Team Up For Unmanned Construction Operations

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Career Outlook
  • 7 February 2024

In a recent conference at Consumer Electronics, Amazon Web Services in partnership with Hyundai. Both AWS and Hyundai exclaimed their thought of evolving heavy construction equipment into smart ones to lead toward the future of unmanned construction sites.

According to the CEO of HD Hyundai XiteSolutio, Dong-Wook Lee, their partnership with one of the finest cloud providers will help them turn conventional equipment into automated heavy construction equipment.

This embarks as the biggest milestone for HD Hyundai for transforming beyond manufacturing as an all-rounder solution developer.

What To Expect?

The intention behind this next-generation transformation of heavy equipment is to elevate it with smart operations for enhanced productivity and durability.

Moreover, as a support in this partnership, HD Hyundai will come up with an innovative solution. It will reduce excessive input of labor on-site through management software embedded with smart technologies like AI, IoT, and ML.

The smart equipment and fleet management software will not only induce less lar resources but will also promote a construction site with secure equipment to operate.

With all this in mind, both the carters are on their time to increase the efficacy, safety, quickness, and reliability quotients of heavy construction equipment.

So we can expect good news for all the heavy equipment buyers taht soon their feet will have smart construction equipment in the form of Hyundai’s next-generation models.

When Is The First Product Launch?

Buyers can expect the launch of HD Hyundai heavy construction equipment instilled with AWS technology by 2025.

As er the VP of AWS, Yasser Alsaied, he feels excited to partner with Hyundai and help them level up their heavy equipment game via IoT and similar innovative solutions.

The developer at AWS believes it is just the first brick toward creating an unmanned construction site with better security through AI’s smart algorithms.

The aim behind producing smart machinery is to increase the construction operations rate by (30-70)%. Additionally, HD Hyundai wants to promote a secure onsite culture through advanced heavy machinery.

Subsequently, Hyundai will use AWS to refine X-Wise Xite as per its AI-supported management solution for construction operations that was displayed at CES 2024.

The core operations of X-Wise Xite is to amalgamate insights from construction operations and heavy equipment. Then systematically analyze the isnights to generate useful data for the improvement of efficacy and longevity at a sustainable level.

Other HD Hyundai business units will then receive this integration of AWS technology for their offshore function and ship-building operations.

What Lies Ahead?

Among the noticeable highlights of HD Hyundai at CES 2024 is the collaboration announcement with Amazon Web Services. Additionally, Hyundai’s X-site bagged two innovation awards at CES 2024.

This show further helped the forward-thinking company to meet and partner with like-minded businesses that want to step in and thrive technically.

Additionally, the collaboration of AWS and HD Hyundai brought to light their collaboration with Google Cloud in terms of integrating generative artificial intelligence algorithms across Hyundai’s business.

Parallelly, another announcement that grabbed everyone’s attention is the partnership with CNH to build joint research centers in US.