Basics of AI Contractors Guide By ABC To Know

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Career Outlook
  • 22 February 2024

The recent release of an AI technology guide for construction contractors by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is getting hype among the construction and heavy equipment industry.

The main objective of creating an AI guide is to educate contractors as well as heavy equipment operators with basic to medium-level AI knowledge.

Most importantly, the guide should aid them in becoming active contributors to adopting AI in the equipment construction industry.

AI Contractor’s Guide: Short Brief

The AI contractor’s guide is based on defining common AI technologies. It includes the concepts of machine learning, predictive/generative AI, deep learning, and many more relatable methodologies.

Conversely, it emphasizes the applications of AI during the entire construction lifecycle covering the pre-construction operations, construction and building maintenance operations as well as post-construction operations.

In addition, the AI contractor’s guide also exhibits the best heavy equipment use as well as construction practices. The guide also promotes safe and sustainable on-site construction operations.

Half a million is the labor shortage rate in 2024 which is why contractors must learn technology as a solid manpower alternative. AI can help in resolving equipment management, streamlining construction operations as well as eliminating communication barriers between operators.

According to the VP of ABC, Matt Abeles, this guide is one step towards forwarding the construction industry to innovation and technology.

With the evolution of the heavy equipment industry and non-residential construction projects, the youth is taking over the market where the integration of AI will help in productivity maximization, ethical development as well as balanced professional exposure.

Through this AI guide, contractors can predict heavy equipment down times and align maintenance regimes accordingly.

Through this guide, contractors, as well as site operators, will first learn the inclusivity AI offers to manage construction operations. Secondly, it will help in the integration of safe practices to create a fatality-free workplace.

The AI guide will help in skill development, technology friendliness, supply chain management and optimization, better planning, and security management.

Thus, it can serve as a long-term operator and contractor’s guide to learn the input of AI in creating a sustainable and advanced construction field.

The AI Tools To Know

The AI guide has the following AI-powered tools to boost the pre and main construction phases that are as follows;

  • The Hypar’s artificial intelligence helps contractors draft a building model and turn it into a quantifiable building model along with suggestions for heavy machinery that can maximize productivity
  • Blueprints AI assists in construction documents to minimze errors, boost the accuracy and preciseness of construction processes
  • SubBase streamlines the process of invoice reconciliation via a centralized inbox. Moreover, with the help of AI, contractors can manage automated logs, code confirmation of costs as well as manage custom-digitized workflows


With the rise of construction projects, the heavy equipment supply and demand cycle is also likely to increase.

To cope with the volatile buyer and seller market it is necessary to adopt technology that prevails in advanced future and sustainable practices.

With the launch of the AI contractor’s guide, it is safer to say that contractors and operators can become tech-savvy as well as maximize their productivity rate.