U.S. Market Data for Used Wheel Loaders & Excavators – January Edition

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  • Excavators
  • 16 February 2024

The current heavy equipment market in the U.S. is winning consumers’ hearts due to the versatility it is offering at a reasonable rate. 

Major U.S. regions, including Northeast, Southeast, North Central, South-Central, and West areas, have witnessed a remarkable sale. This trend indicates a preference among heavy equipment buyers for owning used heavy machinery, particularly used wheel loaders and used excavators for sale.

MY-Equipment is a reputable used heavy equipment dealer based in the U.S. with a global clientele. The above-mentioned chart is the inventory sales data for used wheel loaders and excavators in January.

Let’s explore the main reasons why buyers find it better to purchase used heavy equipment.


Major industries in the 5 regions of the United States are turning towards purchasing used wheel loaders as it proves to be a cost-effective means of upgrading inventory without delving deep into the pocket.

Despite the used label, both excavators and wheel loaders are renowned for the reliability they offer in the long term.

The West recorded 16.6% used wheel loaders sales whereas used excavators sales witnessed a 9.5% sale ratio.

Regional Dynamics

Each region has its different regional growth in terms of heavy equipment consumption based upon divergent construction needs. The North-Central region has more agricultural and construction projects going therefore 18.4% wheel loader sales were recorded

However, in the Southeast excavators and wheel loaders were sold to 17.6% and 17.4% respectively.

Technical Benefits

Both used excavators and wheel loaders are renowned for their extended consumption hours.  A well-maintained used wheel loader and excavator have shown an increased productivity rate.

The South-Central region has observed 17.1% sales in used excavators, while 14.9% of used wheel loaders have been sold.

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By purchasing used heavy equipment, the buyers can promote the culture of recycling and reusing preloved equipment leading towards global sustainability.

Additionally, buyers always have the option of buying heavy equipment attachments to support the equipment multitasking without piling extra machinery.

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Future Scope of Used Wheel Loader and Excavator Market

The U.S. market for used wheel loaders and excavators promises a bright future. The market will likely expand as a result of continuing improvements in technology and the increasing acceptability of used heavy equipment.

The current used wheel loaders and excavators inventory sales anticipate that the need for practical and environmentally friendly heavy equipment will only increase as construction initiatives continue to progress.

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