Used Backhoe Buying Guide: Spotting Red Flags

  • Editorial Team
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • 2 February 2024

Do you want to add a backhoe to your inventory? 

Well, we support the idea but to find a profitable and productive used heavy equipment requires a thorough inspection.

However, inspections by an industry expert can cost hundreds of dollars. So how about spotting major red flags by yourself?

We present you with a buying guide for used backhoes to walk through the different inspection areas.

As a disclaimer, this guide is not a substitute for a professional mechanics survey but it can definitely increase your personal used heavy equipment buying knowledge.

1. Backhoe Loader Buckets

The loader bucket represents the maintenance condition of a used backhoe.

Parallelly go through the loader arms. Any sign of wear and tear or roughness indicates the consumption frequency and maintenance level of the used equipment.

Also, check the bucket teeth’s sharpness, they should be intact and not missing out on any.

Bonus tip:

Don’t invest in visibly poor-looking equipment just for the sake of low price as a part replacement in the future can cost double the buying amount. 

2. Backhoe Cabs

Get into the operator’s cabin, and inspect the comfort level and easiness of equipment controls as they shouldn’t lag. Assure that the belts, seats, glass, and mirrors are scratch-free.

The rollover protective structure doesn’t reflect any sign of damage. Also, check the service and parking brakes in terms of firmness.

Pro tip:

Thoroughly check the performance of heating and air conditioning units as replacing them can cost you hundreds of dollars. 

3. Engine Essentials

The engine is the soul of any heavy equipment. Check the engine’s performance, inspect leaks, and check the cleanliness of the oil filters.

Don’t ignore white smoke as the represents a sign of a gas leak from the piston.

In case you see any part replaced or rebuilt ask for a repair history report.

Did you know?

Used backhoes for sale in North America are based on diesel engines so educate yourself in twee petrol gasoline engines and diesel ones for accurate inspection. 

4. Hydraulics

Hydraulics are the muscles that power backhoes. Watch out for dents and scratches on the hydraulic cylinder to find leaks.

Don’t avoid whining noises as they scream hydraulic fluid leaks internally.

Moreover, watch out for hydraulic hoses, they are no lesser than a ticking time bomb if they are brittle and dry.

5. Tire Inspections

Tires are the base of any used backhoe. Inspect tire treads and sidewalls and also see if there are any bulges, dry rot, or cracks on them.

On the same, inspect the kingpins, and the big bolts as they connect steering axles with the wheels. The axles must be lubricated along all the lug nuts and snug.

6. Frame Inspection

Watch out for our welding marks or frame racks as it can get worse with time. The bent frame represents that the backhoe has gone through a tragedy.

Although a little rust is manageable, an excessive amount must not be neglected.

7. Stabilizers

Stabilizers are known for the stability they provide to the backhoe during digging. A weak stabilizer indicates weak machinery.

See if there’s any leakage, pad condition, and cylinder rods for intense scratches.

The Final Test Drive Before Buying Used Backhoe For Sale

Pause the excitement of adding a used backhoe to your inventory before you check all the potential red flags.

Don’t avoid the suns of engine sputters, cylinder moans, groaning hydraulics, and relevant clunks as they represent the internal condition of the equipment and indicate the short span of the equipment.

Having said that, evaluate the rear bucket’s performance too.

Any feeling regarding unresponsive controls, sluggish motions, or vibrations must not be avoided. Try to turn this used backhoes’s test drive into a full murder mystery investigation rather than a joyride!

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