Make The Most Out Of Ladder Safety Month

  • Editorial Team
  • Equipment Inspection Tips
  • 6 March 2024

When you step into the construction field, managing different heavy equipment along with balancing yourself are two huge tasks.

March is declared as the National Ladder Safety Month which has the aim of training labor with apt usage of ladders to maximize the outcome of heavy equipment sites.

To make the most out of contractors or laborers can join the American Ladder Safety Institute which provides free training courses to boost operator’s ladder balance.

Relevance Of National Ladder Safety Month For Heavy Equipment Users

National Ladder Safety Month covers the entire month of March. It was started by the American Ladder Safety Institute to educate onsite labor and site beginners about the proper and safe usage of ladders especially when heavy equipment like graders, bulldozers, or loaders are functioning nearby.

Since most of the operations on construction sites involve heights, learning effective ladder usage is a critical factor in attaining operational productivity.

So if your job site requires laborers to climb high or your next project is a high-rise building then training them this National Ladder Safety Month under the American Institute of Ladder Safety for free should be on your ‘to-do” list.

The training includes relevant videos, training by professionals as well as access to resources libraries all that for FREE!

How Will The Ladder Safety Course Aid Heavy Equipment Operations?

The ladder safety program is nothing out-of-the-box it can go hand-in-hand with regular employee training sessions. So the managers, contractors, or advisors can select the training course as per the needs and skills of their current fleet.

Once you have signed up for the ladder safety plan you can customize the trainer toolbox as per the requirement. You can train the laborers, assess their skills, and evaluate them by the end of the course.

These toolbox dashboards help you set milestones to track the training level and evaluate if the team is all set to manage the ladder along with heavy equipment safely.

The Ladder Safety Training Scheme

Furthermore, ladder training includes different types of relevant ladder usage courses taht are available in Spanish and English language.

Additionally, the course is divided into four weeks are as follows;

  • week#1 Awareness and general training
  • weel#2 Maintenance a d insection training
  • week#3 Setup, balancing, and relevant accessories
  • week#4 Safe positioning and climbing sessions

The Final Thoughts

These four weeks each year allow the American Ladder Institute to take deep dives into different aspects of ladder safety, narrowing in on one topic each week, to promote safety tips and training.

These ladder safety programs help workers onsite to execute safe and high-efficiency construction operations.

Taking part in similar safety training can help you get compliance certifications that will help you get better clients and a reputable name in the industry as a contractor or heavy equipment owner!