All About The Newly Launched Seismic Technology Of Dynapac

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Technology
  • 16 April 2024

In the world of asphalt, Dynapac recently introduced its long-awaited new feature: the integration of seismic technology to enhance asphalt compaction. This move by heavy equipment manufacturers aims to modify conventional equipment features.

For that reason, many famous equipment brands like Caterpillar, Hitachi, Volvo including Dynapac are testing and launching heavy equipment features that can sustain future construction workloads.

To make sure the Dynapac range is sufficient to meet upcoming construction needs, let’s take a look at their take on the launch of seismic technology.

How Does Seismic Technology Better Heavy Equipment Operations?

The seismic technology is represented with an intelligent adjective. Now the main question here is what makes intelligent and better for existential Dynapac heavy equipment range?

Its main ability to improvise compaction at a better rate with enhanced results makes seismic technology a significant and beneficial addition in comparison to conventional compassion equipment.

Mainly, seismic technology follows a fixed frequency as said by the equipment manufacturers which makes it consistent and durable to withstand construction operations.

Seismic Asphalt automatically detects the optimum compaction frequency and continuously adjusts it accordingly. Due to the Seismic Asphalt system, Dynapac can offer an increase in efficiency and lower cost of ownership from fuel savings and less wear-and-tear on the roller.

What Makes Seismic Technology A Productive Feature?

The surface undergoes a quick succession of impacts by conventional double drum vibratory rollers. Operators manually adjust this impact for frequency or program it to a predetermined amplitude.

However, Dynapac’s seismic asphalt introduces a different approach to perform the same operation more efficiently.

The drums and the construction material serve as a single dynamic unit. So it offers multiple advantages due to the organic resonance frequency attribute of seismic asphalt.

Since it helps in compacting the material at its natural frequency, the seismic asphalt functions to avoid extra compaction pressure as well as double jumping of the drum.

Here are the additional features that make seismic asphalt dynapac a perfect fit for your heavy equipment fleet

  • Automatic determination of drum vibration for setting the optimal compacting frequency 
  • Constant evaluation of different asphalt layers 
  • Automatic adjustment to withstand external climatic conditions 
  • No requirement for manual setting of frequency 
  • Operators can utilize the type of asphalt material or frequency at any point during the compaction activity.
  • Speed limiter has a preset to maintain constant compaction speed 
  • Improvising operator’s focus for undivided attention with advanced compaction operations 
  • Increased production rate at optimal compaction frequency ultimately producing quality results 

Why To Buy A Dynapac Machinery

The evolving construction globe demands that contractors and fleet owners modify their heavy equipment with smart options. Thanks to Dynapc, now contractors have a smart option to cater to asphalt compaction activities at a quicker and safer pace.

To ensure that the seismic technology is working as designed, the company has also launched a Dynapac Compaction Meter. The purpose of this meter is to see if the compaction frequency is optimal and close to the natural resonance of the material to avoid double jumping. It further aids in overburdening the heavy equipment. The meter also confirms that all other construction requirements are met and ensures the safety of workers around the equipment.

Here are a few of several reasons why you should upgrade your fleet. 

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