Expert’s Guide: Hiring Top Diesel Mechanics In The Competitive Market

  • Editorial Team
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • 22 April 2024

Diesel mechanics are the heroes that are always underrated in the industry. You must be wondering how is it possible. Well, there are many reasons to justify the statement.

All the industry experts always emphasize hiring the best and top diesel mechanic for the equipment you are using, however, many fleet managers overpass this urge. Did you know how these fleet managers must pay for this flouting behaviour? They have to out-pay on equipment maintenance, breakdown of the engine and paying hefty amounts for the replacement of several crucial parts. in short, they end up losing a lot of money, time and effort by just ignoring the need to hire a professional diesel mechanic.

Let’s have a look at the market status

Although there are now almost 322,391 diesel technicians in the US, barely 20% to 30% of them are actively looking for new employment. Thus, depending only on job searchers who are actively seeking employment might not provide you with the volume or kind of applicants you are looking for. Furthermore, the industry has about 80,000 job posts, so competition for qualified technicians is intense. Didn’t this wow you?

What challenges lie in the industry? 

The unemployment rate for diesel technicians has been declining over the last ten years, which suggests that there is an increasing need for their skills. But this trend has also resulted in a smaller pool of heavy equipment diesel technicians looking for work. In addition, a large proportion of technicians are getting close to retirement age, which emphasizes the necessity of attracting fresh talent to keep the workforce going.

However, when it comes to the salary, diesel technicians make an average of $26.57 per hour nationwide, though regional differences may exist. Your store may stand out from the competition and draw in talented individuals from a larger talent pool by providing competitive salaries and benefits.

How can you grab young talent through custom audiences?

The young generation is more into internet searches and social media scrolling. Hence, using these platforms may kick your game up.

Use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well as other social media sites to connect with job searchers who are actively seeking employment. Whereas, personalized advertisements based on the interests and needs of diesel mechanics can greatly improve your hiring process.

Highlight competitive benefits packages, such as 401(k) matching, health insurance, paid time off (PTO), life insurance, and disability benefits, in job advertisements. Attracting qualified applicants is more likely when compensation is communicated clearly.

One of the most important things that technicians look for in a job offer is the possibility of career progression. To draw in aspirational applicants, emphasize technical skill development, training programs, and distinct career trajectories inside your company.

The smooth hiring process

The hiring process can solely be tiring for equipment businesses, but it can never be overstated. Several businesses hire a third-party company to hire for them but you should focus on the self-hiring process as you better understand your requirements. Here is what you need to follow:

Putting Engagement and Speed First 

It is important to reply to questions and leads right away. Research indicates that reaching out to leads in less than five minutes considerably boosts the likelihood of a successful hire. Assign resources to attentively follow leads and interact with them through various channels.

Simplifying the Application Procedures 

Streamline and simplify the application process, particularly for mobile devices. Steer clear of lengthy forms and repetitive information requests since they may turn off applicants. Providing applicants with phone support to finish their applications might also improve the applicant experience.

Outline and Next Steps 

  • Make targeted internet advertisements for both active and passive job seekers.
  • Emphasize chances for career progression, competitive salary, and perks.
  • Assign devoted recruiters to follow up with leads on a timely and consistent basis.
  • Simplify the application procedure to boost response rates and lessen snags.
  • Keep an eye on your recruitment tactics and make any adjustments based on the outcomes.

Recruiting qualified diesel mechanics necessitates a planned strategy that takes into account market trends, internet recruiting techniques, and a productive hiring procedure. You will be able to attract excellent people and keep a competitive advantage in the automotive market by putting in the above-mentioned advice and insights.

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