Shocking Georgia Heist: Police Chase Stolen Loader with Another Loader

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  • 1 April 2024

As the quote, says you need to fight fire with fire. Gwinnett County police adopted the same approach when they pursued a stolen Volvo wheel loader using another front-end Volvo wheel loader.

On March 23, an officer from West Precinct left to dispatch a dispute of a waste management business on Corley Road in Norcross. There an officer observed that a big yellow Volvo wheel loader had gone missing. The vehicle has a front bucket attached to it. Although the officer tried to stop him the employee drove out the loader from Corley Road.

The suspect drove towards the Buford Highway. Intense speed and unpredictable navigation gave Georgia State Patrol and Norcross Police Department a challenging encounter. With uncertain U-turns, the suspect also put the lives of other motorists at risk.

All thanks to the force in charge who in disguise as similar-looking wheel loader made it possible to catch the machinery while saving the other driver.

Why Loader Vs Loader?

Knowing the fact that the wheel loader weighed 75,000 pounds, it was challenging for the authorities to stop it on their patrol cars. Moreover, authorities claimed that the suspect was very unpredictable, disturbing huge traffic and navigating miserably. It was at that point that the officers realized only a second Volvo front-end wheel loader could help them catch the stolen loader.

After several collisions and a continued chase, finally, the second wheel loader was able to overlap the stolen loader where the officers took a grip over the suspect and eventually arrested him red-handed. By the end of this operation, the forces were also able to escort a trash truck as well as another front loader which was stolen by the suspect.

A 5-Miles Chase Lineup

The paths crossed by the suspect include Brook Hollow Parkway to Center Way to Oakbrook Parkway to Singleton Road. the police officers blocked the traffic through their patrol cars. On singleton riad, the pursuing loader came in contact with the suspect and managed to flip it on its side.

So the chase came to an end on the Singleton Road which is approximately 5 miles away from the original location of the thievery.

Authorities caught and immediately incarcerated Eddie Sanchez, a 38-year-old Delaware resident. Before his full arrest, they evaluated him at a nearby hospital and then transferred him to Gwinnett County Jail.

The main charges against the suspect are as follows;

  • Fleeing heavy equipment 
  • Irresponsible driving approach 
  • Criminal trespass 
  • Criminal damage to the property in 2nd degree 
  • Blocking law enforcement representative 

During the investigation, authorities learned that the company had terminated the victim in September 2023. Despite being observed on the site performing similar operations, he never truly left.

The Final Take

The final verdict by the officials claimed, the reckless U-turns and reversals of the suspect that created miles-log chase for them. As a safety measure, the officers blocked the road to protect nearby motorists and drivers.

The apt measures, smart approach, and proactive actions of Gwinnett County police are the true armors that helped in the quick getting-back of the stolen loader as well as the timely arrest of the suspect.

Moreover, the officer’s quick attention to the incident saved his life as the loader was about to roll over him. Thankfully, no other driver was injured, nor were any patrol cars or automobiles impaired!

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