Used Equipment Market In March 2024: Sales, Trends And Strategies

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  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 9 April 2024

With all the optimistic predictions for the used equipment market in the USA, the year 2024 is perfectly going so well. Although there must be some challenges in the industry, but the growing trends are all the reasons to stay positive and plan for the future.

The market for used wheel loaders and excavators experienced a lot of activity in March 2024, with a few main brands dominating sales in several US regions. For sellers hoping to maximize their inventory and maintain their competitiveness in a fluctuating market, they must understand these dynamics and trends. This report will give you the numbers and sales that the market has experienced along with the strategic approach to help you plan better for the rest of the year.

Which Brand Led the Market?

The equipment industry is dominated by a few of the sharks that take the market with their trusted approaches and long-lasting impact. Like the previous two months of this year (JAN & FEB), the month of March was quite interesting. Here is what you need to look at:

Caterpillar Dominates

With sales of $236.1M on wheel loaders and $616.2M on excavators, respectively, Caterpillar continues to hold a commanding market position. This demonstrates Caterpillar’s dependability and customer appeal. Isn’t it wonderful?

Deere continued steady success

With sales of $125.7M on wheel loaders and $241.7M on excavators, Deere is a close second in both categories, demonstrating steady success. These figures demonstrate the brand’s reputation for excellence and reliability.

Volvo and Komatsu

With good sales results, Volvo and Komatsu maintain their positions. Komatsu kept sales of $141.9M on excavators and $47.3M on wheel loaders, while Volvo’s sales were $126.5M and $87.2M on excavators and wheel loaders. These brands’ individual qualities and capacities make them appealing to particular market niches.

Case’s Market Presence

With the sale of $38.5M on wheel loaders and $45.2M on excavators, Case is still a market player. Even though it’s not the best, Case’s products continue to draw customers.

Brand performance in selling used wheel loaders and excavators in March 2024

Trends and Challenges to Look At

For sellers, the current market offers both chances and difficulties. The rise in supply is one obvious trend, especially for late-model and five- to ten-year-old equipment in categories including wheel loaders, skid steers, and dozers. Because of the increased rivalry brought about by this supply spike, equipment dealers must take calculated actions to differentiate themselves.

How Does Ageing Inventory Impact the Business?

Equipment unsold for more than six months is referred to as “ageing inventory,” and it presents a substantial financial challenge for the equipment suppliers. These units delay profitability by tying up funds and resources. As a result, sellers must evaluate the age of their inventory and properly handle them by adopting the right strategies.

Developing Creative Sales Strategies in Challenging Equipment Industry

Responding to the unexpected and fluctuating trends of the used equipment market, equipment dealers might investigate creative approaches to boost sales and efficiently handle obstacles. Here are some key concepts to think about:

Virtual Tour for Customers

Provide prospective customers with virtual tours of your equipment through demos. Make use of video conferencing facilities to present the equipment’s features, capabilities, and state in real-time. This strategy can reach a larger audience and speed up the sales process.

Offer Customization Options

Give customers who want certain setups or changes a variety of options for customization. Offering customized solutions, such as adding speciality attachments or custom-made paint jobs, can draw in niche customers and differentiate your product.

Subscription-Based Models

Offer subscription-based models that allow users to rent equipment for a predetermined amount of time. This strategy appeals to companies who want economical and adaptable solutions without having to make large purchases.

Collaborative Maintenance Plans

Create plans for collaborative maintenance with buyers, providing free or heavily subsidized maintenance services for a fixed amount of time following the purchase. This enhances the transaction’s value and cultivates lasting relationships with clients.

Data-Driven Insights

Use data analytics to give buyers useful information on the functionality and usage trends of equipment. By providing data-driven predictive maintenance advice, you may increase client loyalty and satisfaction.

Two Cents Note

The used equipment market has always been very challenging for sellers, especially in the USA. However, they can effectively navigate the competitive market by using effective marketing techniques, strategic methods of inventory management, and ongoing market research.

Source: Machinery Trader

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