Breaking Stereotypes: Women Excel In Construction

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Career Outlook
  • 16 May 2024

The construction world has moved to 360 degrees compared to the last decade. This shift was not easy neither it happened in a matter of few months or years. It almost took a century to normalize the things that were considered taboo in that previous industry. One such taboo topic was the women working in the construction industry. The idea of women’s involvement in construction used to be the most discouraged thing as they were supposed to do some feminine-based jobs only. Luckily things took a turn and women started getting empowered. Women not only proved themselves equally good for the industry but excelled in their fields in the construction industry.

Women’s engagement in the construction business has increased gradually but noticeably in recent years. But even with these advancements, a new Lumber data analysis highlights the opportunities and problems that still face women working in the construction industry in their recent “She Builds Nation” report. The report’s main conclusions and the changes that must be made to promote women’s growth, safety, and comfort in this historically male-dominated field need to be explored.

Low Involvement in the Labor Force 

According to the survey, women make up only 10% of the construction workforce, and only 4% of those workers are onsite. This obvious under representation emphasizes the necessity of campaigns to draw and keep more women in construction-related professions. People still think that women cannot handle the hard labour jobs on the site due to their weak physique.

Although 67% of the women polled said that they had integrated into the sector rather easily, there are still issues with safety equipment that is maternity- and gender-friendly. Concerns regarding the absence of this equipment were voiced by a sizable 67% of respondents, underscoring the significance of filling in these safety holes.

Particular Difficulties Skilled Tradeswomen Face 

Professional tradeswomen have a distinct set of difficulties, especially when they work on construction sites. These difficulties frequently play a role in women quitting the construction industry. Nowadays women can easily be spotted in trading jobs as well in recent trade events like CON EXPO and other equipment shows. A lot of women were representing their companies by showcasing their used construction equipment for sale or the latest models of the newly launched equipment from the brands. However, the report says the challenges are still existing for them as well. For the industry to prosper, Jennifer Todd, President of LMS General Contractors, stresses that this is a workplace culture issue as well as a construction issue.

Gender-Specific Safety Equipment Is Needed 

The lack of gender-specific safety equipment on construction sites is one of the important issues that was brought to light during the survey. Women’s bodies are different from men’s, thus they require equipment designed with their needs in mind. Despite the variety of possibilities on the market, businesses are advised to place a high priority on providing employees with equipment that guarantees their comfort and safety.

Moreover, the absence of proper hygienic facilities and maternity equipment for women on construction sites is a serious concern as well. Women’s general health and productivity depend on having access to clean, well-maintained toilets with features for nursing moms and menstruating women.

Comparing Cost Factors with Worker Safety 

Although businesses frequently make cost-cutting choices, the research stresses how important it is to invest in safety equipment designed specifically for women and expectant mothers. The danger of injuries is increased by ill-fitting equipment, which emphasizes how crucial it is to put worker safety ahead of financial concerns.

The survey reveals conflicting opinions about the support networks, equal pay, and career advancement prospects available to women in the construction industry. Even if some businesses are making progress in getting more women into the workforce, more has to be done to guarantee inclusivity and support for all workers.

Resolving the Shortage of Skilled Labor 

Women make up an important portion of the workforce, even amid the skilled labour shortage that the construction sector is facing. The sector needs to address safety concerns, offer equal opportunities, and create a supportive work atmosphere to draw in and keep bright women. The inclusion of women in the construction industry will not bridge the labour shortage gap but boost efficiency as well.

Wrap up

The “She Builds Nation” report highlights the important problems that need immediate attention while also showcasing the accomplishments made by women in the construction industry. A more diversified, resilient, and successful workforce can be achieved by the industry by placing a high priority on safety, inclusion, and professional development opportunities.

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