Canadian Contractor Achieved Sustainable Power Milestone

  • Editorial Team
  • Construction Career Outlook
  • 8 May 2024

In recent times, sustainability in construction is what every contractor wants to achieve. It is one of the most trending goals that is necessary and to some extent forced to follow. The environmental protection agencies are trying hard to achieve this sustainability goal at all costs and are forcing the construction firms as well to implement it in their jobs. This is actually necessary because construction waste is one of the major threats to the environment and is supposed to be controlled on an urgent basis.

Several construction firms are leading in this race making milestones and also setting examples for the others. Award Construction, a well-known general contractor with headquarters in Alberta, Canada, has powered an 8-ton, 70-meter-tall tower crane using a state-of-the-art battery energy system from United Rentals, marking a major advancement in sustainable construction. This project, created in association with Termaco, demonstrates how modern technologies can lessen the environmental impact of the construction sector. This collaboration also highlights the importance of partnership with different stakeholders to achieve this goal. Together we can make a better living environment for the future generations to come and for us as well.

How creative energy system for batteries used in this project?

One notable feature of the United Rentals battery energy system is its capacity to offer construction equipment sites sustainable and clean power options. This system, which is configurable up to 500kW, works in tandem with a generator to effectively supply power while reducing the amount of time the generator must run. Its main function is to store energy in batteries so that the crane can run on them whenever possible. This technology was used in this project which is itself an amazing approach towards sustainability.

How did the collaboration work?

The fruitful partnership between Termaco and United Rentals led to the creation of this innovative technology. Their combined efforts have produced a flexible energy solution that supports job sites with fewer noise pollution and emissions while also lowering fuel usage, all in line with global sustainability goals. The entire project was under observation at every step to make it more legal and eco-friendlier. The outcome was tremendous as the companies found this collaboration very positive which has led them to work together in future as well.

What are the advantages of eco-friendly construction?

Adopting the battery energy system from United Rentals has many advantages for sustainable building techniques. Contractors may contribute to a cleaner and more ecologically friendly construction environment by lowering fuel consumption and emissions and decreasing their dependency on traditional generators. Furthermore, for smaller applications, emission-free solutions are made possible by the system’s responsiveness to solar power.

How did the execution of the project at Riverbank Landing go?

The United Rentals battery energy system was installed by Award Construction at Riverbank Landing, a significant mixed-use community project in Edmonton. With this deployment, their power supply strategy underwent a dramatic change from continuous generator running to optimum battery usage.

With this strategy, Award Construction achieved a 91% reduction in generator run time, which was a phenomenal accomplishment. The Tadano cranes for sale were once powered by a 300kVA T4 generator that ran nonstop. The crane can now run exclusively on battery power for the remaining portion of the day due to the new system, which only requires a 100kW generator to charge the batteries for 2.5 hours each day.

Effects on the environment and reduction of emissions
An astounding 80% decrease in fuel consumption and emissions was achieved as a result of this generator usage reduction. The Riverbank Landing project proved the viability of switching to greener energy sources and illustrated the real environmental advantages of such endeavours.

Remarks from the Award Construction 

Award Construction’s construction manager, Brian Hennessey, took great satisfaction in his organization’s dedication to environmentally friendly methods. He emphasized how the Riverbank Landing project aligns with their fundamental values and created history by being one of the first sites in Canada to fully power its tower crane utilizing a battery system.

The United Rentals battery energy system’s successful deployment establishes a standard for upcoming building projects aiming to lessen their environmental impact. It highlights the sector’s continuous transition to creative and environmentally friendly methods, opening the door for a wider acceptance of clean energy technologies.

Final Thoughts

The success of Award Construction at Riverbank Landing is evidence of the revolutionary potential of modern construction technologies. Businesses may lessen their environmental effect and help create a more durable and environmentally friendly built environment for coming generations by adopting sustainable electricity solutions.

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