Summer Extremes Hitting Soon: Get Ready With Your Equipment

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 22 May 2024

With back-to-back unexpected environmental events, we are now entering the extreme summer season. Can you guess how extreme this season could get? Based on the weather fluctuation up until now, climate regulation is now easy to predict and could be something to hit extremes.

Extreme weather is irritating, not only for the environment and people but for the construction industry as a whole. The construction jobs become harder to work on. Summertime on construction sites brings with it special problems due to rising heat and longer days. Preparing for summer extremes is essential for maintaining smooth operations and safeguarding both persons and assets, from equipment maintenance to operator safety. Whereas the construction materials are even harder to handle. Equipment handling? No exception, it also becomes challenging to keep it maintained and in top working condition amid the extreme summer season.

The intricacies of hot weather

Summertime temperatures and longer workdays can cause overheating, decreased efficiency, and potential damage to heavy equipment. Intense heat and dust levels can also cause fire hazards and affect the performance of equipment. In order to maintain productivity and the longevity of equipment, contractors and maintenance providers must be proactive in addressing these issues.

What to do to prepare your equipment for summer extremes?

Apart from taking the necessary precautions on the construction sites, it is highly advisable to make necessary adjustments to your equipment, especially to the crawler excavators for sale for the upcoming hot weather.

Maintenance and Inspections

Begin by checking fluid levels, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting hydraulic hoses for heat stress. Replace or clean air filters on a regular basis to keep dust and debris out of the engine.

Cooling System

Find out that the radiators are clean and that the coolant levels are appropriate for the cooling system. Keep an eye on air conditioning systems to ensure effective cooling and comfort for users.

Tire and Electrical System Maintenance

To ensure safety and smooth operation, check the electrical system for wear or damage and monitor tire pressure to prevent blowouts.

Attachments and Safety Features

Check that safety measures such as backup cameras and lighting are working properly. Check the lubrication and performance of the attachments.

Make compulsory amendments for the operator’s safety

Ready with your equipment? It’s time to let your operators feel safe. Make all the precautions ready for the operator’s safety and comfort.

Water and Rest

For operators operating in hot environments, equip them with enough hydration and rest.

Air Conditioning and Personal Protective Equipment

To reduce the dangers associated with heat, make sure that the cabs have air conditioning and that the appropriate PPE is worn.

Technology and Visibility

To improve visibility and worker safety on the job site, make use of technologies like sensors and rear view cameras.

What to do to keep the equipment maintained?

Making one-time adjustments to the equipment is not enough. To keep your equipment working for a long time, you must follow the maintenance schedule regularly. Summer stays longer and hence the equipment needs consistent and dedicated care.

Fluids and Oils

Use summer-grade lubricants and oils that can withstand greater temperatures. Make sure the fuel is vaporizing properly and look for leaks.

Greasing and Hydraulic Systems

Make sure hydraulic hoses are free of stress according to maintenance schedules.

Electrical and Cooling Systems

To ensure optimal performance, check for wear or damage on wires, connectors, and cooling components.

Battery-Powered Equipment

If you want to save maintenance costs and improve efficiency and safety, think about using battery-powered equipment.

Getting Ready for Severe Weather

Create a documented plan to prepare for extreme weather and secure the work site to reduce hazards during storms or other severe weather. In an emergency, make use of portable devices like generators and LED light towers.

Ready for the job site?

Construction sites may efficiently overcome hurdles, maximize production, and give operator safety and comfort top priority by putting these summer equipment management ideas into practice. Proactive inspections, routine maintenance, and the use of technology all help to make the summer construction season productive and profitable.

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