USA States’ Leading Trends For Used Equipment In 2023

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 3 May 2024

The construction industry in the USA is always growing and active in terms of building skyscrapers and other infrastructures. This active sector actually fuels the construction equipment industry that keeps moving along with the real construction industry. In 2023, the industry has seen the busiest activity in different regions of the USA. Depending on the geographical locations, different states’ preferences vary for the equipment selection. Hence, the sale trends of the used equipment also vary from region to region.

To better understand the market activity, it is important to analyze and thoroughly understand the 2023 market insights for the used equipment sale in different regions of the USA.

How to understand regional preferences?

While stepping into the construction equipment market, you must be aware of the region-wise divisions and their sales pattern. This will help you assume more precisely about the used construction equipment sales trend and the future demands in your desired region.

Equipment choices are significantly influenced by regional differences, which are caused by different industrial demands, infrastructural initiatives, and economic conditions. The divisions of the U.S. Census Bureau offer an organized perspective that will help us traverse the varied landscape of preferences for used construction equipment.

East and South-Central Region

The Dominance of Kubota 

Kubota became a powerful force in the East and South-Central region, demonstrating its abilities with models such as the SVL75-2 and SVL95-2S. These small track loaders gained popularity in a variety of industries, including construction and agriculture, since they embodied efficiency and versatility.

However, significant advancements were also made by the Deere 333G, highlighting its attraction to companies looking for dependable and tough performance. The region’s inclination towards sturdy equipment shows the significance of longevity and efficiency.

Midwest Region

The Resilience of Case and Deere 

Case’s SV280B and Deere’s 333G continued to be the leading equipment brands when they ventured into the Midwest. Operators from a variety of job sites preferred the SV280B’s combination of power and agility, while Deere’s 333G maintained its impressive all-terrain capabilities and modern technology.

Whereas, Bobcat’s T770 offered a little more adaptability, with its small size and strong build suitable for a range of uses. This area’s preference for flexible machinery reflects the ever-changing nature of the building industry here.

Northeast Region

Bobcat and Case Outshine 

Case’s 321F and Bobcat’s T660 proved to be excellent options in the Northeast. In areas where sustainability and operational excellence are critical, the 321F’s emphasis on fuel economy and operator comfort were the favourite factors.

The T660 from Bobcat, which is renowned for its small size and strong performance, gained popularity in confined spaces and city settings. Equipment preferences were also affected by this region’s emphasis on manoeuvrability and performance in limited places.

South Atlantic Region

Kubota and Deere Take the Lead 

South of the Atlantic, Deere’s 333G and Kubota’s SVL75-2 continued to be the best machines. Because of its reputation for doing difficult jobs with accuracy and ease, the 333G became a mainstay in sectors needing heavy-duty skills.

Companies who value operational efficiency and user-friendliness found Kubota’s SVL75-2, known for its adaptability and user-friendly features, to be highly appealing. The equipment options in this region are diversified and serve a wide range of applications, reflecting the region’s diverse economy.

West Region

Caterpillar Grabbed the Market

With models like the 259D and 259D3, Caterpillar (Cat) became a dominant brand in the West region of the USA. Businesses operating in harsh terrain and difficult conditions were drawn to the 259D because of its sturdy build and advanced technologies.

The 259D3 demonstrated solid innovation and dedication, fuel economy, and operator comfort of used caterpillar equipment. The demand for durability and dependability in this area led to the success of Cat’s products.

State-Level Perspectives to Understand

When examining state-level patterns, it was clear how popular Caterpillar was. In most states, the brand accounted for the majority of financed used equipment units. Deere and Bobcat demonstrated their product suitability and market resiliency by securing top sales positions in several states.

The divergent preferences for equipment among states, which are impacted by several factors like industry focus, dealer presence, and infrastructure projects, were highlighted by CE’s success in Illinois and Komatsu’s traction in Delaware.

End Note

The top trends for used construction equipment by state in 2023 provide a clear picture of the industry’s vibrancy and diversity. Every brand and model, from Caterpillar’s tough dependability to Kubota’s adaptability, represents the changing demands and tastes of construction professionals across the country. Understanding these trends helps us make informed purchasing decisions as we negotiate the dynamic sector of construction equipment. It also illuminates the complex interactions between regional dynamics, industry demands, and technical improvements.

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