Volvo’s Largest Electric Wheel Loader in North America

  • Editorial Team
  • Wheel Loaders
  • 21 June 2024

Volvo has long been in the process of launching the electric equipment. After a few successful launches of the electric-driven equipment, they are now on the new track of success. With the largest electric wheel loader introduction in the North American market, Volvo will transform the construction industry.

The launch of the L120 Electric wheel loader, which is expected to be the biggest electric loader available in North America, shows that Volvo Construction Equipment is still at the forefront of the sustainable construction machinery market.

Why does L120 stand out?

The Volvo experts claim that this equipment will be one of the shining stars among many other equipment. With a weight of 20 metric tons, the L120 Electric wheel loader can lift up to 6 metric tons. As a result, it is the biggest battery-operated loader in North America. According to Volvo CE, the loader for sale will go on sale in a few areas in the upcoming fourth quarter of this year. With this launch, Volvo has further covered its leadership in electric construction equipment.

To design the L120 Electric, Volvo CE collaborated with Parker Hannifin and CE Engineering Solutions. The outcome of this partnership is a loader that blends innovative technology with real-world use.

Efficient batteries improves perfromance

Because of its advanced lithium-ion battery system, the L120 Electric delivers the same strong performance as its diesel version. Surprisingly with a single charge, the loader may run for 5 to 9 hours, depending on how demanding the task is. The loader is versatile and can effectively handle a variety of light- to medium-duty tasks with the help of its robust design.

The L120 Electric is flexible and convenient to recharge. A 40-kilowatt DC mobile charger can be used to charge the loader overnight in 7 hours on remote job sites. A 180-kilowatt DC rapid charger can power the loader from 10% to 100% in about 1 hour and 40 minutes, providing faster turnaround times. This will make it easier to carry this loader even in remote areas for construction.

Zero emission ensures sustainable construction

The Volvo CE offers several important benefits of electric technology versus diesel-powered equipment. Since the L120 Electric emits no emissions, it greatly enhances environmental sustainability. It is the best option for sensitive situations because of its low vibration levels and silent operation. Furthermore, it has fewer moving parts and experiences less wear and tear than its diesel versions, the electric loader promises 30% cheaper maintenance expenses. You spend less on maintenance and operation and get more productivity.

For contractors, there are new opportunities with the launch of the L120 Electric. Vice president of sustainability at Volvo CE Ray Gallant said the loader may work in areas where diesel engines are prohibited due to their harmful carbon emissions. This includes zoos, ski resorts, racehorse farms, and beekeeping businesses. The loader’s adaptability and potential to revolutionize the industry are demonstrated by its performance in these unusual environments.

Which innovative features are in it?

The hydraulics and propulsion systems of the L120 Electric are powered by independent electric motors. Whereas, to improving performance, this design includes regenerative braking, which uses the energy recovered from braking to recharge the battery, prolonging runtime and minimizing brake wear.

In addition to passive cooling for the electric motors, transmission, and hydraulic oil, the loader has active cooling and heating systems for the high-voltage batteries. These characteristics guarantee the equipment’s lifespan and optimum performance.

Quick Specs

  • On-Board Weighing
  • Torque Parallel Linkage
  • Electro-hydraulic lever controls
  • Functions of Auto Bucket Leveling
  • Streamlines levelling for higher productivity.

To further increase its versatility, the electric loader may be used with a variety of Volvo accessories. These attachments may include different types of buckets, forks, grapples, brooms, and snowplows.

Wrap Up

The launch of the L120 Electric wheel loader is a major turning point for both Volvo Construction Equipment and the construction industry as a whole. With its remarkable powers, eco-friendly advantages, and cutting-edge features, the L120 Electric is ready to raise the bar for electric construction equipment in North America. The future of construction equipment appears more efficient and environmentally friendly as long as Volvo keeps innovating.

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