Cat Bring Revolution: Grading Becomes Easy with Versatile Beams

  • Editorial Team
  • feature
  • 8 July 2024

Grading at uneven surfaces requires ultimate precision which is alone a difficult task. A lot of grading beams have already been installed in the construction grading equipment but they are not efficient enough to bring further accuracy and precision. As always, Caterpillar took the challenge and led the way by introducing a versatile beam to be used for precise grading. This ground-breaking innovation is likely to transform the grading jobs as the new instrument is set to be fixed with excavators making it more grading-friendly equipment.

Why precise grading is necessary?

Grading is required to make a stable and strong foundation for further construction. Improper grading will later damage the entire infrastructure and won’t even last longer. Hence, the grading is what takes more time and it must be error-free. For example, water accumulation brought on by improper grading has the potential to do serious damage over time. Realizing this, Caterpillar has developed these new grading beams to guarantee accuracy and productivity in grading jobs using CAT heavy equipment. Not only does this ensure a strong foundation but brings more efficiency and accuracy to the overall construction.

 What does Cat’s new grading beam have to offer?

After several considerations and spending a good amount on research and development, CAT has finally achieved its innovative goal. This invention might be marked as the tool of the year due to its effectiveness. The purpose of CAT’s new grading beams is to enable contractors to use their current excavators for dynamic and effective grading and compaction. The beams have 360-degree, bidirectional, and 40-degree left-and-right rotational capabilities when used in conjunction with CAT tilt rotators. This combination of the CAT excavator with the tiltrotor will not only transform the grading method but bring the precision of its kind that has never been experienced before.

Configuration and functionality of beam

Easily adjusted from less than half an inch below the frame (0.40 inches) to more than three-quarters of an inch above the frame (0.79 inches), the movable roller is one of the most notable features of these grading beams. This adaptability enables even compaction on various types of surfaces. Furthermore, a scraper that is provided lessens stickiness, even when handling difficult materials like clay or silt.

The wide range of the beam with five width options from 49 to 118 inches makes the grading easier for various surfaces including the sidewalks to the skyscraper ground. The beam can disseminate, condense, and grade materials rapidly and efficiently with the help of its design’s big top aperture, robust extended sides, and side plates. However, the grading beam’s long-life operation is ensured by its highly abrasion-resistant Hardox 500 wear protection at the bottom. Whereas, the heavy-duty frame’s additional support plates improve beam strength and total service life, while the welded frame boosts structural rigidity.

Caterpillar integrated the latest techs with this beam

With the new grading beams’ compatibility with Cat Grade Technology, contractors may boost accuracy and save time. The beams immediately identify themselves when used with Cat tilt rotators, verifying the identity of the connection and guaranteeing that all pressure, flow, and dimension settings are accurate.

Furthermore, all worksites can easily track attachments with the help of the standard Cat PL161 attachment technology. This function helps with replacement and maintenance while lowering the possibility of losing a grading beam. VisionLink and the PL161 work together flawlessly to enable fleet administration from a single mobile device. This way, the tech becomes much easier to handle and operate when you are able to operate it from your phone. Caterpillar understood the need and made it happen. With this innovation, the equipment industry has a long way to go in making operations easier and more precise.

Two Cents

With the launch of a versatile grading beam, Caterpillar has marked the success line in the grading methodology. Combined with the CAT excavator along with the tilt rotator, this beam instrument can help bring precision and more accuracy in grading jobs. Furthermore, the tech can be handled with a mobile phone with the help of the Vision Link application. This has made it even easier for fleet managers to keep track of their instruments and saves a lot of time.

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