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2009  590SM III


2009 Case 590SM III

  • Hours: 8,638
  • Serial: --------
  • Model: 590SM III
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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The 590 loader backhoe is suitable for a variety of applications, such as precision and trenching, due to its diverse range of features.

The 590 has a range of series models, including the 590SN, 590SL, 590SL-II, 590SM and 590SM-III.


This 8-tonne excavator can reach speeds of up to 25mph and delivers up to 16 000lb loads. It can also dig depths of up to 20 feet and can lift over 4100lb, making it a particularly versatile option. For seamless operation, the PowerDrive transmissions enable the speed and performance of the backhoe loader to be easily controlled.

Precise applications
The standard ProControl function enables the arm of the equipment to be stopped wherever you require, without experiencing an unnecessary rebound. For loading, the Comfort Steer and Auto-Ride Control reduce the amount of locking turns and reduces shock at particular speeds. Both features help to reduce any spillage, which means the project is more efficient, as more time can be spent operating the backhoe loader instead of rectifying any mistakes.

The design of the backhoe enables it to run at its optimum performance. You can access the level of engine oil, coolant, fuel and transmission fluid from the ground and the brakes do not require disassembly in order to be serviced. This makes the 590 easy to maintain, as well as operate.