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2005  345CL


2005 345CL

  • Hours: 0
  • Serial: PJW00561
  • Model: 345CL
  • Location: Baltimore MD
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2003  345BIIL


2003 345BIIL

  • Hours: 0
  • Serial: AGS01943
  • Model: 345BIIL
  • Location: Wisconsin, USA
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The 345 large hydraulic excavators are manufactured by CAT and are available in the models 345Cl and 345bIIL. The CAT 345 is incredibly robust, making it well suited for a number of excavator tasks and construction projects. Complete with easy to use controls, the CAT 345 is designed for efficiency and comfort.

Efficient and practical
The excavator can be used in Smart Mode, which pairs the digging requirements to the engine and hydraulic power automatically. This ensures enough power is always provided for the machine to work efficiently without fuel being wasted. The hydraulic system itself carefully balances power and efficiency ensuring the machine is both robust and precise. Production and speed levels are increased due to the self-sharpening bucket tips which require less maintenance than standard tips.

Operation and comfort
Joystick and power mode requirements can be programmed into the machine ensuring that for long construction projects, specific requirements do not need to be reprogrammed each time the machine is in use. The 8" touchscreen monitor is easy to navigate, making operating the CAT 345 easy and enjoyable. Both the temperature of the engine and the temperature of the seating area are automatically regulated, ensuring both the operator and machine remain cool even when working long hours.

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