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2002  420D


2002 420D

  • Hours: 6,397
  • Serial: 0FDP07841
  • Model: 420D
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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The range of 420 Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders, including the 420D, 420E and 420F2, are tough, hard-working pieces of equipment that can be relied on to do the heavy lifting in all kinds of construction, digging or earth moving challenges. 

Versatile and durable
These loaders are built to last and deliver superb performance, underpinned by industry-leading fuel economy and efficiency. Designed with the user in mind, the loaders are engineered to optimise mobility, operator comfort and productivity whatever obstacles may be presented. Downtime is lost time, so these loaders are made to run longer and better on minimal maintenance and to ensure many thousands of hours of seamless productivity. 

With innovative features such as load-sensing hydraulics, these loaders will match flow and pressure to the unique demands of any situation, so that the operator is in full control to maximise output with minimal wear and tear on the machine. Full force is available at any of the loader’s engine speeds. 

Quality and value
With any of the models in this series, you can be confident in acquiring an exceptional investment. Should you decide to sell your loader, you will find that the high standards of workmanship will translate into high resale prices.

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