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1997  988F


1997 988F

  • Hours: 42,563
  • Serial: 2ZR00856
  • Model: 988F
  • Location: Indiana, USA
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For over 50 years CAT has been leading the construction industry with their 988 Large Wheel Loaders. The range, which now includes the 988K, 988F, 988H, 988G, was first introduced in 1963 and has remained so popular due to the machinery's ease of use and durability.

Operation and usability
Caterpillar 988 engines are designed and constructed to CAT's high standards to ensure the machinery is able to work efficiently for demanding projects and in adverse weather conditions. The electric engine controls are fully integrated allowing the machine to be operated more easily and for its fuel consumption to be more efficient. Fuel consumption is further reduced by the engine's idle shutdown feature which prevents waste, improving both fuel costs and the environmental impact of the plant. 

Performance and efficiency
With the CAT 988 series, construction projects can be completed with greater efficiency due to the performance-enhancing features of the 988 models. Performance series buckets help to create faster fill and unload times as they allow for better material retention. CAT 988 machines are suitable for a range of construction projects and can be adapted to meet unique requirements by adapting the inflation pressure of the tyre and selecting a different work tool which can be completed in the configuration of the machine.

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