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1990  D7H


1990 D7H

  • Hours: 0
  • Serial: 5BF00879
  • Model: D7H
  • Location: Wisconsin
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1981  D7G


1981 D7G

  • Hours: 6,522
  • Serial: 065V03801
  • Model: D7G
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA
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2006  D7R


2006 D7R

  • Hours: 11,000
  • Serial: AEC01559
  • Model: D7R
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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1997  D7R


1997 D7R

  • Hours: 12,206
  • Serial: 2EN00587
  • Model: D7R
  • Location: Houston, TX, USA
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D7 Caterpillar bulldozer

The Caterpillar D7 is a medium bulldozer that has a number of series models, including the D7G, D7G-II, D7E, D7F, D7R and D7H.

Waste handling
The D7 has many in-built features to improve how it handles waste. For thermal protection, the Insulated Clean Emissions Module operates efficiently while heavy-duty bottom guards help to protect the power train system and engine system against damage. Similar protection is built into the final drive seals to prohibit wire, rope, cables and debris from becoming entangled. Even the placement of light sources takes debris into account, as they are placed away from the main area of debris but are still able to provide sufficient light when working.

Safety features
The safety of the D7 is equally as important as the high performance of its operation. The tractor is fitted with steps and handles to improve ease of access and a pull-down ladder enables the system to be easily refuelled. Safety is also enhanced as a result of the seat belt indicator which provides an alert if it is not fastened. As rear-view visibility is often reduced in this kind of machinery, the D7 is fitted with a rear vision camera to enable you to observe all your surroundings, not just what is in your direct line of sight. The wealth of features to improve on-site safety will ensure that your project is both efficient and robust.

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