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1995  D8N


1995 D8N

  • Hours: 16,047
  • Serial: 5TJ02393
  • Model: D8N
  • Location: California
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The Caterpillar D8 is a large dozer that can handle increased weight as a result of its durable structure. The D8 series has many series models, including the D8N, D8T, D8R, D8H and D8K.

Fuel efficiency
In the majority of applications, within one hour, you can move up to 18% more material without burning additional fuel. The automatic 4-speed transmission makes the dozer as efficient as possible and can increase the amount of drawbar power to the ground. The helpful Engine Idle Shutdown Timer also deactivates the machine after a given period to save fuel. This means that you can save money on fuel and spend more time focusing on the project that you are undertaking.

Ease of operation
Unlike other tractors whose settings must be manually adjusted depending on the load, the D8 automatically changes its settings after the ground speed is selected. CAT GRADE technologies help you to achieve the target grade more quickly and can reduce the input of the operator by up to an impressive 80%, which helps reduce fatigue and improves the accuracy of operation. The service centre is located at ground level for easy access when repairs are required. All of these features (and more) enhance both operational efficiency and quality.

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