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2002 M315

Serial: 7ML02767
Hours: 7,235

It has a 1 piece boom, 8'6" stick, front and rear outriggers, wedge style coupler and


The Caterpillar M315 is in a class of wheeled excavators designed to deliver the ultimate in dynamic performance and manoeuvrability. Refined and precision-engineered to combine toughness and agility, these excavators can get stuck in when large volumes of earth or concrete need moving, but have the lightness of touch required for any number of smaller tasks.

Tight radius, big output
Designed to operate with a radius that is extremely compact, these machines are incredibly strong and offer great stability, but are also mobile enough to negotiate more restricted spaces and tackle work which is delicate and has a small margin for error. With a dedicated hydraulic swing pump, movement is fast, smooth and easily calibrated for reliable outcomes.

Economy and efficiency
Equipped with a number of fuel-saving measures as standard, these excavators are dedicated to maximising productivity while minimising costs via their Eco Mode and other waste elimination resources. Features such as the ‘On Demand’ application mean that these machines draw on the optimum fuel volume to give maximum results for the lowest energy input. With transparent emissions technology, engines meet Stage IV EU standards and operations can be planned knowing environmental measures are secured without stopping for regeneration.

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