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1980  RT65S


1980 Grove RT65S

  • Hours: 614
  • Serial: 24213
  • Model: RT65S
  • Location: Houston, TX, USA
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Grove RT65 hydraulic crane

The Grove RT65 is a hydraulic crane with a trapezoidal boom that can navigate even the toughest terrain. Compared to other available options, the boom has a larger reach and bigger capacity which means that it has an improved strength-weight ratio.

The RT65 has been designed to improve operational efficiency at all levels. The boom has a higher resistance to deflection as a result of its deep, wide and lightweight design and can be elevated from -4°-76°, operated using either hand or foot. The swing circle has a 360° rotation and swing speed of 2.6RPM. One particularly beneficial innovation is the two-speed hoist that enables the crane to facilitate both high line speed and high line pull without the changes in lagging and gearing that would typically occur.

Features of the cab
The cab itself has a range of operational and comfortability features, including enclosed safety windows, an adjustable seat, lighting and a fire extinguisher. The main frame of the RT65 is designed to be as robust as possible, as it is welded to withstand all kinds of mounting.

The cab does not have an overheard cross-member that would otherwise obstruct the vision of the operator. This means that the load can always be seen, enabling controls to be used easily and safely, resulting in the more effective operation of the crane.

RT65 and its series models
The RT65 model has a range of series models, which includes the Grove RT65S, RT65E and RT65E-2. Whilst exact specifications differ amongst this series, the benefits of this hydraulic crane remain consistent.