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2007  WA600-6


2007 Komatsu WA600-6

  • Hours: 31,932
  • Serial: 60203
  • Model: WA600-6
  • Location: Ohio
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The Komatsu WA600 Wheel Loader range, including the WA600-6, WA600-8, WA600-3, WA600-1, is heavy-duty machinery that delivers exceptional performance on low fuel consumption. This versatile range is suitable for several construction projects and can improve the speed and efficiency of construction work with its increased bucked size and automatic transmission features. 

Environmentally conscious
The fuel injection system of the WA600 range of wheel loaders ensures maximum fuel efficiency; this is not only more environmentally friendly but saves costs on fuel. The low emission engine further adds to the machinery's eco-friendly features as the engine creates minimum noise, reducing noise pollution also. 

Low maintenance
Unlike other heavy-duty machinery, the Komatsu WA600 range features low maintenance machines that do not require expensive upkeep. This is due to their heavy-duty frame and reliable components constructed and manufactured by Komatsu. The modular radiator core system is easily cleaned, making the machines incredibly reliable as they can be operated in adverse conditions thanks to a hydraulic cooling fan.

Easy operation
The modular clutch system ensures the machines can be operated smoothly and the machines can be slowed down with ease when approaching a loading area or dump truck. With exceptional grip, the tyres can easily prevent slippage, ensuring the WA600 range can be used outdoors in various weather conditions.