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2006  GR500XL


2006 Tadano GR500XL

  • Hours: 0
  • Serial: -
  • Model: GR500XL
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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Tadano GR500 hydraulic crane

The Tadano GR500 hydraulic rough terrain crane is ideal for heavy-duty applications as a result of its resilience. This model has a range of series models, like the GR500N, GR500XL, GR500XL-1 and GR500EX, any of which will enhance the efficiency of your operation.

The GR500 has a lift capacity of up to 50 tonnes and is manufactured using robust frames and a hydraulic suspension system, both of which are built to withstand site conditions. The telescoping boom has four sections of full power which are up to 108 feet in length. For maximum support, the telescope sections are equipped with horizontal and vertical wear pads. The swing system of this crane is just as impressive, with a 360° full circle swing and swing lock for different travel, pick and carry modes. It has a manual locking or released swing brake and an automatic speed reduction function to maximise safety and the accuracy of the operation.

Equipped with high-quality features, the GR500 uses up-to-date mechanics to achieve its consistent performance. Standard equipment includes a designated compartment to store all essential tools, a tyre inflation kit to maintain tire quality and safety, an adjustable seat and an electric fan to improve working conditions in the heat. The comprehensive lighting on the vehicle also means that it can be operated when visibility is poor, helping to ensure that those project deadlines are met.