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1981  966D


1981 Cat 966D

  • Hours: 9,693
  • Serial: 99Y00640
  • Model: 966D
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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1985  966D


1985 Cat 966D

  • Hours: 8,425
  • Serial: 99Y03387
  • Model: 966D
  • Location: Houston, TX, USA
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A 966D Wheel Loader is a powerful, heavy construction machine with a robust structural body. The loader also comes with a strong hydraulic system, power train, and linkage to match its unique frame design. These powerful features make the machine perfect for painstaking functions such as earth bank excavations. 

Key Features:
Engine model: 3306
Engine make: 2236
Net power: 199.9 hp
Displacement 640/8 cu in
USPs of the product 

966D Wheel Loader has a powerful grip that allows it to load or push heavy or massive objects such as asphalt, debris, raw minerals, recycled materials, wood chips, gravel, rocks, and snow. 

The machine also comes with forklift arms that enable it to lift and carry cars and other vehicles.

An attachable 966 Wheel Loader accepts removable attachments such as a used 966D shovel. It can pick heavy shipping containers or heavy pallets. The loader’s hydraulic-powered bucket facilitates these functions by acting as a light dozer machine or a scraper. 

The product features make the 966D in the USA, the ultimate solution for heavy cargo and object lifting, excavations and in engineering and construction.
You can consider a used 966D Wheel Loader for sale as a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new machine.