Types of heavy construction equipment used in building bridges

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Bridge construction not only requires skilled engineering but also special construction machinery. The type of equipment used depends on the scope of the project as more sophisticated construction vehicles may be required in larger projects. While there are many types of construction tools used for various purposes, some may only be needed for one specific job. Moreover, there is also a wide variety of options to choose from as the market offers both new and used construction equipment.

The following are some of the construction tools used when building bridges.

Bridge crane/overhead crane

The core function of a bridge crane is to fix or build a bridge. It is mostly used when structuring the pillars of a bridge before putting the slabs in place. In particular, the bridge crane is very useful in the construction of larger bridges where other types of equipment may have limited use.


An excavator is mostly used in the initial phase of bridge construction. This is because it is useful when it comes to removing dirt, rocks, or other debris that may be found at the base of the bridge. Although it may have limited use once the construction of the bridge is underway, it can still be used to transport dirt or rubble as the project continues.

Floating crane

Also known as a crane vessel, a floating crane is a type of specialised ship that has a crane mounted onto it. While floating cranes are frequently used during bridge construction, they can also be used in loading or offloading loads from a ship. With the bigger cranes usually fitted with a lifting capacity of over 10,000 tonnes, some crane barges can transport an entire bridge in sections. In addition to this, crane vessels can be mounted onto the deck of a ship by fitting them on a swing base which can rotate.

Gantry crane

A gantry crane is one of the many types of heavy machinery used at shipyards, scrap yards, and during bridge construction. Gantry cranes come in different designs to suit different needs, and some of the biggest gantry cranes are capable of lifting the world’s heaviest loads. Though gantry cranes have a similar design to bridge cranes, their main distinctive factor is their mode of mobility. Here are some of the various types of gantry cranes:

• Adjustable gantries
• Portable gantries
• Semi-gantries
• Full gantries

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