3 key benefits of buying used equipment

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 8 November 2019

If you browse MY Equipment you’ll find a wide variety of used equipment for sale, suitable for use in a range of construction applications. Used construction equipment is always popular with large and small contractors alike – but why?

Here are three key reasons why used equipment is consistently popular, and why you should always consider buying used.

1. Saving money

The first and obvious benefit of buying used equipment is that it’s cheaper than buying new. When you buy a new piece of equipment, whatever it may be, it instantly begins to lose value. Depreciation can be crippling, and it gets more pronounced the larger and more expensive the equipment you’re buying is. Depreciation applies whether you use the equipment or not, it’s automatically worthless the minute it becomes second hand.

Buying used allows you to gain access to a wide variety of construction equipment, sometimes at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy new. This is especially ideal if you’re operating a smaller construction business.

2. Increased reliability

At first, it might sound counter-intuitive, how can buying equipment that has already been used make it more reliable than buying new? What many people neglect to consider is that equipment, machinery particularly, always needs a period of “breaking in” after being bought new. This means you have to go easier on the machine for a period, which can have a considerable impact on its efficiency.

When you buy a piece of used equipment, it has already been through the breaking in process and has a period of time operating at peak capacity, which means you can use it to its full potential straight away. A well used and well maintained used machine can offer both efficiency and reliability.

3. Environmentally friendly

There’s a growing awareness of the wasteful ways in which humans are using our resources. One of the most damaging ways is our capacity to “upgrade” perfectly usable equipment, simply because it is a few years old or because the finance period is up. This means that much more resources and energy are required to consistently produce a high volume of new machines and equipment for people to use.

With such a broad selection of high quality used equipment for sale to satisfy all your requirements, it makes little sense to expend valuable resources when a perfectly usable machine already exists. Using pre-owned equipment allows you to wear your environmental credentials with pride.

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