• Editorial Team
  • 5 June 2020
Best Practices to Purchase Heavy Equipment Online

The country is gradually beginning to open back up, however many are still staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Editorial Team
  • 14 May 2020
Heavy Equipment Best Suited for Demolition and Deconstruction

If you are searching for a piece of heavy equipment for sale to help with a demolition or deconstruction project, there are several types of machines that should be considered to…

  • Editorial Team
  • 23 April 2020
7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Heavy Equipment Sales

Customer searches for heavy equipment for sale in the USA and around the world have greatly increased online over the past decade.

  • Editorial Team
  • 23 December 2019
CAT motor graders: doing more for less

This year has seen a new generation of Cat motor graders hit the market. Retaining all the familiar features and exceptional performance…

  • Editorial Team
  • 3 December 2019
How to keep your backhoe loader in top condition

Backhoe loaders are among the most efficient machines on construction sites that are capable of fulfilling multiple capabilities.

  • Editorial Team
  • 22 November 2019
Sustainability in heavy construction and engineering

There are several important ways that construction, mining and engineering firms can practice sustainability in their daily operations….

  • Editorial Team
  • 12 November 2019
Heavy construction tools that will make your life easier

For buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels and roads to exist, a lot of heavy construction tools are required. Due to the high-scale processes involved in this kind of construction.

  • Editorial Team
  • 8 November 2019
3 key benefits of buying used equipment

If you browse MY Equipment you’ll find a wide variety of used equipment for sale, suitable for use in a range of construction applications.

  • Editorial Team
  • 3 September 2019
5 tips for maintenance to extend heavy machinery and equipment life

Heavy machinery and equipment are an integral part of mining, farming, and industrial processes among many other applications.