Heavy Equipment Best Suited for Demolition and Deconstruction

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 14 May 2020

If you are searching for a piece of heavy equipment for sale to help with a demolition or deconstruction project, there are several types of machines that should be considered to complete the job in an effective and efficient manner. These machines will often come equipped with hydraulic tool attachments such as rippers, augers, buckets, saws, brushcutters, and trenchers. Choosing the correct piece of equipment typically is a three step process. First, have a detailed knowledge of the task being performed. Second, pick out the best equipment, tools, and attachments to complete that task. Third, employ the heavy equipment chosen to serve the task at hand. The following are some of the best types of construction equipment for these types of demolition and deconstruction jobs.

First, excavators are one of the most adaptable and flexible machines for deconstruction and demolition projects. They can perform many types of forestry and demolition projects. For example, they are able to knock down trees and pick them up to load them onto a truck in order to clear a lot.

Second, compact track loaders are very powerful and versatile machines as well. They are able to dig and carry materials, load them, and even grade surfaces. They often come equipped with a bucket to help complete the aforementioned tasks. The tracks allow them to be more maneuverable and more evenly distribute weight to allow them to easily move through wet or sandy landscapes.

Third, feller bunchers are able to cut and grab multiple trees at the same time. Since they are able to cut and move multiple trees at once, they are an effective piece of heavy equipment to be used for clearing forests and woodlands.

Fourth, skid steer loaders are small machines that have the versatility and maneuverability to perform jobs in tight spaces. They can be equipped with various attachments, but much of the time they are paired with buckets to remove waste and materials from the jobsite.

Fifth, dozers are essential machines for any business that needs to move significant quantities of materials. They have a variety of uses such as dozing, land clearing, ripping, grading, and scraping.

Once the terrain or materials have been demolished or deconstructed, material handlers utilizing a skid steer, boom lift, or front-end loader can be used to load the material onto a truck for removal. You may also utilize tool attachments such as stump grinders, brooms, buckets, thumbs, and magnets for removal of materials and waste.

In conclusion, selecting the correct piece of construction equipment for sale to purchase and add to your machine fleet is vital to complete a demolition project. Whether clearing metal scraps, trees, land, or building materials, you must choose a machine that is the correct size and the attachments best suited to complete the job. Depending on the task to be accomplished, you may choose an excavator, compact track loader, feller buncher, skid steer loader, or a dozer to perform the task. If you need any of these types of deconstruction equipment, MY Equipment may be able to help as there are a number of these machines available in our used heavy equipment inventory. Don’t hesitate to browse our listings or reach out to us to check availability or ask for assistance.