Sustainability in heavy construction and engineering

heavy construction machinery

There are several important ways that construction, mining and engineering firms can practice sustainability in their daily operations, to meet growing pressure to be more environmentally aware.

This is not just about compliance with legislation. It is also a crucial way of showing clients and the general public that you take your obligations seriously and that you are a forward-looking and responsive organisation.

Anything that adds to your reputation – and which helps build faith in the construction and engineering sectors in general – is a sound investment. Ironically though, some sustainability measures for firms involved in heavy-duty operations can save you money!

Using ‘recycled’ equipment

This includes purchasing pre-owned construction and excavating equipment.

For example, looking for used Crawler Excavators for sale and other heavy-duty refurbished items makes commercial sense. As long as the supplier is credible, and the antecedence of second-hand equipment is assured, the advantages are numerous. Plus, your willingness to buy pre-used construction equipment forms part of your sustainability statement.

Other recycled and low-impact resources

Much of the carbon footprint of heavy construction comes from the manufacturing processes used to produce building materials. Companies taking a firm stance on the issue of sustainability are increasingly exploring ways to switch over to lower impact materials or to incorporate materials made from recycled or repurposed components.

Sustainability in your supply chain

It is often viable to use more local suppliers of timber and other materials too, to manage carbon footprints.

Other simple steps towards taking a tangible stance on environmental issues in construction, excavation or mining operations include choosing your business partners with care.

For example, you could look for architectural and engineering firms with a proven track record for green developments, who can plan and action projects that use less toxic materials, maximise natural resources and incorporate energy and water efficiency for instance.

These sustainability measures can also lead to significant project cost savings too, or the potential to apply for environmental grants.

On site efficiencies

The list of ways construction firms can make their sites more eco-efficient grows exponentially as new technology, techniques and materials become available.

This includes new concepts for buildings in modular designs, to reduce timescales and materials needed.

Many companies are also introducing stringent waste management policies, that drill down on fuel use in heavy-duty equipment, and careful use of materials such as drywall, roofing, metal and glass to minimise quantities used and prevent waste.

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