Best Practices to Purchase Heavy Equipment Online

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 5 June 2020

The country is gradually beginning to open back up, however many are still staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have had plans to purchase heavy equipment derailed due to the stay-at-home orders and your subsequent quarantine, but in this digital age you really could have continued business as usual. With the technological resources that we have available today, buying new or used construction equipment can be done easily online without the traditional face-to-face contact.  Even if you are still stuck at home, you can still buy machinery by following several easy steps.

First, when searching for either new or used heavy equipment for sale, you must establish your budget. Knowing the amount of money that you have available to spend and your different funding options if an additional source is needed is vital in determining what you can and can’t afford to purchase. Being aware of your budget could also help you decide whether buying new or used is the best alternative.

Second, choose what type of construction equipment best suits the needs of your company or the job that you have to perform. Additionally, take into consideration future work that may arise.  Pick the best piece of machinery for you. You may even determine that the need is more short-term and that renting is your best option for your current situation.

Third, do the research that is necessary for such a significant purchase. Many buyers begin their online search for heavy equipment for sale on Google, however you may also go to an online equipment marketplace such as Equipment Anywhere or directly to an equipment dealer like MY Equipment. A digital marketplace or classified listings site could be beneficial as it allows the user to research different types of equipment and search various price ranges, manufacturers, and dealers. Browse the internet and gather together any information that you feel is necessary. Note the different features that you like, read machine descriptions, and look through any pictures or watch any videos that are available.

Fourth, after you have located a machine that is of interest, you should connect with the seller via phone, e-mail, text, or chat to see if they can offer any additional information, photos, or video.  Equipment dealers are normally very enthusiastic about helping you find the right construction equipment for sale to fit your needs.  Often, they are even able to conduct a virtual meeting through Zoom or Facetime where they can give you a walkthrough of the machinery that you are most interested in. You can ask any questions that you might have and take appropriate notes without ever having to visit their equipment yard.

Fifth, once all of your questions have been answered and any details have been discussed and you have identified the perfect piece of heavy equipment for your business, the last thing to do is make the purchase. You may choose to set an appointment to visit the dealer to make the purchase or have the dealer come to you if possible, all while practicing social distancing.  Many equipment dealers are also offering online buying features now as well such as providing financing options and different delivery alternatives for purchase documents such as digital signatures or options for remote delivery if a physical signature is needed. They are even able to deliver the actual equipment directly to you in most instances so you do not even have to make arrangements to visit the dealership to pick it up.

In conclusion, working from home during the stay-at-home orders does not have to prevent you from locating the new or used construction equipment for sale that you have been searching for or making the subsequent equipment purchase. In today’s digital age, you can conduct a lot of business online including buying equipment. The key is to stay safe, and following our suggestions can help you do just that. You should establish a budget, choose the best type of machinery to suit your needs, do whatever research is necessary, connect with the seller, and make the final purchase, all while maintaining social distancing protocols.  We are here to help with your remote purchasing needs here at MY Equipment, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or view our current inventory today!