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For buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels and roads to exist, a lot of heavy construction tools are required. Due to the high-scale processes involved in this kind of construction, specialist equipment is needed to make the work efficient and the final results as good as they can be. There are many powerful types of machinery that are essential and each plays its own role in making the strong infrastructures every construction company should aim for.

1. Excavators

Being irreplaceable in heavy construction, excavators perform a variety of important operations. From digging foundations and trenches to heavy lifting and grading to mining and demolition, excavators have it covered. Excavators on tracks have become a standard in today’s industry. Thanks to technology improving day by day, these big tools can get the work done better than ever before in a much shorter time.

2. Bulldozers

It’s widely known that the strongest piece of equipment in construction is the bulldozer. Shaped with a claw-like back called a ripper and a front that can carry tons of materials (the blade), bulldozers are an essential found on every construction site. This powerful machine is mainly used to move dirt or big piles of soil along massive areas of land. Bulldozers can also roughly or finely grade land with ease.

3. Conveyors

This piece of equipment is used in heavy construction to transport weighty, bulky material from one place to another. Due to their efficiency and speed, they’re widely used when a certain material needs to be moved frequently. Generally, conveyors need fixed paths to move along. There’s a variety of types of conveyors all with different aspects; unit load, roller, flat-belt, and bulk load are just a few.

4. Cranes

Horizontally transporting and lifting or lowering materials on different paths on a construction site is what cranes do best. They are extremely flexible because they can move material of different shapes, sizes, and weights vertically and horizontally. Though their flexibility is reduced a bit because they stay in a fixed position, there are now new types of cranes that use portable platforms to get rid of that issue. Cranes are mainly placed in restricted areas, especially those that conveyors cannot reach.

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