CAT motor graders: doing more for less

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 23 December 2019

This year has seen a new generation of Cat motor graders hit the market. Retaining all the familiar features and exceptional performance which defines a Cat piece of machinery, the key differences lie in reducing consumption in several areas, with no adverse effect on performance. Here we take a look at the iconic Cat 140 motor grader. Arguably the most versatile in the range, we consider the various improvements which have been instigated, as well as considering whether this needs to be on your bucket list!

Ergonomic cab that puts operators at the heart of the machine

Cat has long had a reputation for making operator comfort and safety a priority. The 140 showcases this strength of Cat’s wonderfully well. For a start, operators can choose from either a joystick or a steering wheel, along with stick controls. An adjustable console and seat allow the grader to be driven in comfort and safely by operators of all shapes and sizes. The entire cab has been updated, to include more visibility and easier access. All these improvements mean the 140 is a machine that’s suitable for the 21st-century workforce, enabling productive working with minimal risk of work-related injuries.

Designed to use up to 40% less material to achieve the required grade

Grading material can be expensive, which is why Cat has designed its grader to work as efficiently as possible. The design of the blade, along with the way in which it can be operated, means that less material is required than might be the case should another model be used. Over time, this efficiency can make a noticeable difference to project costs. The improvements also mean that the required grade can be reached more quickly than was the case with older models. Again, over time this can translate into a significant cost saving.

Maintenance costs up to 20% lower with the CAT 140 motor grader

Like any other piece of heavy plant, the Cat 140 motor grader is designed to cope with challenging conditions and punishing use. Various elements have been modified to last longer, and/or to require less attention to keep them in good shape. The result is a titan of a machine that’s also fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and an absolute joy to drive. If you’re in the market for graders for sale, taking a close look at Cat models could well be a good place to start.