How to Choose the Right Landscaping Equipment

  • Editorial Team
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • 26 July 2021

Heavy machinery is used in the landscaping industry to perform numerous earthmoving tasks. To be successful in the industry, you need equipment that can work perfectly well in different situations and can stand the daily use required for the job. When you start looking at landscaping equipment, you will come across a lot of different types of heavy machinery, but not all the equipment will be suited to perform the tasks you need. Before you make a decision and select a machine for the job, find out everything you need to about the available machinery. Things you need to consider before deciding on the equipment for the job include each of the following.

The Size of the Equipment

Getting the right size of equipment is important since the machine will need to be able to fit into the working area and have enough room to move around and perform the required tasks. If the equipment is too small, it will take too long for it to finish the job, but if it is too big and cannot move around, the job will not be finished at all. Companies that are usually hired for working small lots and lawns can get the job done with smaller equipment like compact track loaders or mini excavators. In bigger projects where a lot of ground needs to be cleared, heavy equipment like wheel loaders, excavators, and backhoe loaders are required to complete the job.

Machine Capacity

When selecting a machine for the job, you need to know how much earth you are planning on moving. Knowing this will be helpful when it is time for you to choose the equipment and the bucket capacity needed to get the job done efficiently. If you are clearing huge areas of land, choosing a heavy landscaping machine like a backhoe or wheel loader would be ideal as they can move more earth than smaller equipment.

The Type of Land

Before purchasing heavy machinery, you need to know whether a wheeled or tracked piece of equipment would be appropriate for the job at hand. To determine that, you must know the type of land on which you will be working. With tracked equipment, the pressure exerted by the machine is reduced as the weight is distributed evenly along the tracks. If you are working on uneven ground or loose sand, the machine’s undercarriage would be able to provide better traction. They are preferred for working on finished turfs so there is minimal damage to it.

When it comes to working on rough ground or dirt, wheeled equipment is the preferred choice since it is able to drive better. If the land allows for it, you can leave bigger imprints on the ground by using bigger machinery. When you are choosing the equipment, think through all the aspects of how the machine will impact the work and the surrounding area of your worksite. Just because you come across a used backhoe for sale at a good price does not mean that you should settle on it without giving it proper thought.  Choose the equipment and tools for your landscaping project carefully as getting the right equipment is essential to finishing the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.