The New and More Fuel-Efficient CAT350 Excavator

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 24 August 2022

A new 47-tonexcavator, the CAT 350, has been released into the market by Caterpillar. This new Caterpillar excavator supposedly consumes 13% less fuel than the last excavator model released by CAT. Compared to the previous CAT 349, this new model operates much more sustainably andat lower costs.

The carbon footprint left by the new CAT 350 is also less than the earlier excavator models. According to Brian Abbott, the global product manager for Caterpillar’s large hydraulic excavators, the company intends to reduce its carbon footprint while also assisting their clients in achieving their sustainability goals. The latest CAT 350 excavator model is an attempt to deliver on that commitment.


In order to better match the excavator to the task at hand and cut down on fuel usage, the model comes with three power mode choices: Smart, Power, and Eco.When using this model, you can expect an increase in productivity as the CAT 350 can be equipped with hugebuckets of upto 4.2 yd3. The CAT 2D grade system of the 350 alerts the operator about the depth and slope, which helps in improving operating efficiency.

The grade assist feature helps in ensuring that the operator is able to stay on grade.The operator can use the swing assist feature during truck loading and trenching jobs to reduce fuel consumption. This feature ensures that the excavator swing stops at the specific point set by the operator.

The CAT 350 also has a lift assist feature which lets the operator know that its load is within the prescribed safe working limit. This helps in preventing machine tipping as the 350 has a maximum digging depth of 26 feet and 11 inches.The 2D E-Fence also ensures that the excavator stays within the parameters set by the operator.This makes it easier for the operator to work around obstructions.

The machine hasa CAT Payload onboard weighing system which provides real-time weight estimates. With the help of this system, operators are able to improve efficiency by achieving precise load targets.You can also manage production targets remotely by combining Payload and VisionLink. Another option is to let fleet managers download up to 30 days of work to manage progress through the monitor’s USB port.There is no need for a VisionLink subscription or even an internet connection for that.

If you are in the market for excavators it may be a good idea to check out the new Cat 350. However, if your budget only allows for used excavators for sale you can opt for an older model.There is no way you can go wrong with a Cat machine, but if your goal is sustainability, you will have a better chance of achieving it with newer models.