Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Motor Grader

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 17 August 2022

Construction and farm sites are incomplete without a motor grader. Whenever there is a need to smooth large areas in a field or build gravel roads, contractors opt for using a motor grader for the job. However, besides these, there are a lot of different jobs for which motor graders can be used.If you are thinking about investing in a motor grader for your business, there is no reason why you should hesitate.

Before you purchase a motor grader, you need to do proper research and make sure that you are buying the right equipment for your business and at the right price. Since there are so many different brands and models of motor graders available on the market, you may have some difficulty choosing one for your fleet. The following are a few things that will help you make a decision when you are looking for a used motor grader for sale.

Purpose of Purchasing

Motor graders are a costly investment and are available in different forms and sizes, so when you are making a purchase, you need to make sure that you get a good price and quality equipment.Before making a decision, you need to understand what your scale of operation is going to be and whether you will be using the grader full time or part time.  Some graders are suitable for grading purposes, but others are used more often to make smoother fields.Knowing your expectation of the machine will make it easier for you to choose one.

Frame of the Grader

When you are looking at used motor graders for sale, you need to pay close attention to the frame of the machine.Ensure that the equipment does not show any signs of rust or corrosion. See that there is no metal reinforcement on the frame and, if there is, ask the seller about who carried out the repair and maintenance work on the equipment. Make sure that the person who did the repair and maintenance work was a qualified professional and try to look for servicing and maintenance documents as well.

Circle Surface

You also need to ensure that the operating circle is properly maintained. If the circle is misaligned, it can make fine grading extremely difficult. Make sure to check for any signs of wear like cracks or dents on the gear teeth. Start the motor grader and check how the circle operates at its full range.

Engine Power

How the machine performs depends entirely on the efficiency of its engine. That is why you should consider the engine power before you purchase a motor grader. Before making the decision, you need to consider the requirements of your job and then choose a motor grader with enough horsepower to meet them.