New Upcoming E Series of Case Excavators

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 21 September 2022

Case will be introducing seven new E series excavators on 22nd September in two new size classes. Although there aren’t a lot of details that have been made available as of now, they have announced the introduction of two entirely new models and new FPT industrial engines among other things. The machines will also have a new hydraulic flow control balance capability and a massive new operator interface which will provide the operator with new custom controls and configurations.

As of now the following details have been revealed.

The line up will have a collection of mini, mid range and full size  excavator models. The new CX365E SR model as well as the CX190E are going to expand on an important class of machine according to the manufacturer. The increased horse power, torque and transient response of the machine along with its extended service intervals all seem quite promising.

Other promising features of the machine include enhanced attachment settings and profile storage. The excavators will boast four new operating modes that will allow the operators to set the machine performance according to what is required for the task at hand.


The operator interface of these new excavator models will also have a 10 inch LCD which will allow them extended access and visibility to the machine’s controls, data and cameras. The operator interface is customizable and can be adjusted so the operator can access machine data despite changing the interface’s view. According to case, the excavator models will also have the most expansive set of OEM Fit 2D and 3D machine control systems available in the construction industry.

Apart from these features, the case site connect module and site manager app is also going to provide the operators and managers of the equipment with better connectivity. These features will enhance the fleet management capabilities and collaboration between the operators and managers present on site. So, if you are looking for excavators for sale it may be the perfect time for you to check out these new excavator models. Maybe the new line-up will have the perfect excavator model for your fleet.