3 Signs of Equipment Failure to Be on The Lookout For

Contractors and heavy machinery users should expect to deal with equipment failure at some point in their life. However, just because it is expected does not mean that it would not be extremely costly if you do not recognize early signs of equipment failure. If your machine shuts down in the middle of a project it might lead to delays. Delays are quite expensive as well, so, you need to stay on top of these problems and recognize early signs of equipment failure. The following are a few signs that indicate if equipment failure is imminent.

Abnormal Sounds

You need to listen for any abnormal sounds or noises the machine might be making. Although construction sites are quite loud the people who work there get used to the sounds the machines make. When an experienced operator or heavy machinery user goes out to purchase a cat 140M motor grader, he can determine whether or not it would be a good investment simply by listening to the engine’s sound. So, if the equipment you are using is emanating abnormal sounds you need to have it inspected immediately.

Unexplainable Heat

Sometimes friction can cause metals to heat up however, you need to take notice if there is any unexplainable heat in usually cold areas of the machine. Sometimes electrical issues also generate heat so the machine needs to be stopped and repaired. If the equipment is not lubricated or repaired in time the heat can cause a fire or a seizing of the machine.


Leaks are an early sign of equipment failure however, in order to be able to spot them you need to make sure that you keep your equipment clean. If you notice that your machine does not seem to be clean despite regular maintenance it could be a sign that something is wrong. If there is a lubricant leakage in the machine it would also decrease its speed. Make sure to monitor the production speed of the machine as well.