Volvo’s New EC500 Excavator: A Technologically Advanced Heavy-Duty Machine

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 20 April 2023

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced the launch of its new EC500 excavator which will go into production later this year. The EC500 is designed to be adaptable for use in heavy-duty tasks in various industries, including construction, utility, quarrying, and aggregates.

Automatic Safety Features and Redesigned Cab

The EC500 will feature new automatic safety features that will enhance its safety, operability, and productivity. The cab has also been redesigned to include new features, a new layout, and a high-definition Co-Pilot screen. The new cab design will also have keyless entry, wired and wireless smartphone charging, and a new work mode switch.

Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection

One of the new additions to the EC500 is the Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection, which provides operators with a 360-degree camera view. The system has a radar that notifies operators of adjacent obstacles and determines whether the approaching obstruction is a human. This addition is an important step towards Volvo’s vision for zero accidents.

New Electric Joysticks for Improved Control

The EC500 will also receive new electric joysticks for improved control. The user will be able to control the hydraulic pumps separately or simultaneously, resulting in increased safety and a better ride. With Comfort Driver Control, operators can use the joysticks to steer and go forward, backward, and sideways.

Automated Grade Control with Volvo Dig Assist

Volvo Dig Assist is another technological function for the new excavator that can be accessed on the Co-Pilot screen. The EC500 will feature Volvo Active Control, enabling automated grade control for the first time on an excavator of its size. The system automates boom and bucket movements, resulting in more productive excavation with less operator work. In addition to the teaching app for operators, Volvo Lift Assist is another technological function for the new excavator.

Extended Service Intervals

The EC500’s service intervals for hydraulic oil and filter have been increased from 2,000 to 3,000 hours, resulting in a less frequent need for routine maintenance. The cooling system’s capacity is also increased for use in severe weather.

Expected Launch Date

Volvo expects to launch the EC500 excavator in the fourth quarter of this year, and the company believes that the model may undergo some revisions before the start of production. It will take the place of Volvo’s current EC480E 50-ton excavator.

The Volvo EC500 excavator is a technologically advanced heavy-duty machine that will undoubtedly enhance safety, operability, and productivity in various industries.