Big Growth Ahead for the Global Crane Market

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  • 8 December 2023

The global growth of redefined infrastructure has been the backbone of global economic progress for the past decade. The continuous upgradation of the construction industry is opening doors of trade, economic elevation, and productivity for other industries too.

The most recent developments cover bridges, ports, pipelines, roads, trains, and other residential and commercial projects.

It has increased the demand for cranes as they aid such big construction projects. Due to this cranes are gaining popularity among different industrial sectors which is directly indicating visible growth in the global crane market size.

The Global Crane Market Progress

According to the Global Market Insight report, the market size of cranes is on the brink of prominent expansion. The crane market globally has hit a staggering U.S. $40.13B in 2023 and will continue to bloom by reaching U.S. 54.4B by 2028.

In addition, the compound annual growth rate will increase to 6.26% from 2023 to 2028. The fueling reason is the increasing investment by the governments for infrastructural developments which will directly increase the demand for construction cranes for sale globally.

Because the cranes have high load capacity and productivity even on challenging terrains and in harsh climates, industries are inclining towards increasing their usage.

However, all-terrain cranes will take over the modern construction sector.

Especially with the development of high-rise buildings and other projects, cranes will take over other heavy construction equipment.

Key Drivers Of The Global Crane Market

Growth Of The Construction Sector

The increasing demand for smart cities and modern infrastructure gearing up for the construction industry to reach newer heights.

Since all the construction cranes for sale help in building similar projects, the demand is expected to increase.

Nonetheless, the rapid spread of commercial and residential projects with increasing numbers of offices and houses will work as fuel to boost the crane market as an opportunity for heavy equipment suppliers and traders.

Increasing Dependence Among Several Industries

The cranes are crucial for the mining industry for handling challenging operations and aiding fuel consumption. In addition, the oil and refineries sector makes the most out of construction cranes for development operations.

Whereas the automotive industry demands cranes like Tadano cranes for dismantling, manufacturing, and transportation of automotive parts.

Lastly, the power generation industry requires cranes for part maintenance and installation elevating the global market size of cranes.

Innovative Shift To Meet Consumer Demands

Cranes come with shorter lifespans. Key market manufacturers like Tadano, Liebherr, XCMG, and others are busy launching cranes with better performance and shelf life.

With that, manufacturers are also introducing repair parts, attachments, and other services to meet consumer market demands. They are also opting for predictive maintenance to decrease downtime of construction cranes for sale by making them cost-effective investments.

Moreover, the productivity of necessary construction processes like transportation and lifting materials can increase by buying rough terrain cranes for sale.

Maximizing Construction Crane Operations: 5 Safety Tips To Follow

Generally, the main function of construction cranes is to lift and transport heavy materials which makes its usage a cautious operation. The crane functional compliance is met under the OSHA regulations under the 29 Code of Federal Regulations.

Due to the diverse usage of cranes in big industries like construction, mining, and logistics, the users are bound to adhere to certain safety precautions.

To make sure you are using a construction crane in the right manner, follow the tips below; 

  • Equip your construction crane with HoistCam. The purpose of this camera is to give the operator a better view to manage the heavy load effectively.
  • Prioritize the employee’s well-being as they are your greatest assets. Make sure all the operators are trained with safety measures like distancing to handle the big giants carefully.
  • Make sure all the operations complement the different load lifts. Also, ensure that the loads are not too high to avoid any unfortunate incident.
  • Adhere to regular equipment inspection with proper greasing and oiling to ease equipment movements. Take a deep look at the components and other crane parts and execute replacement or repair if necessary.

What’s Ahead?

Integration of “Industry 4.0” will boost sales for heavy equipment suppliers and manufacturers with a widened geographic coverage.

The suppliers will boost consumer’s confidence in purchasing cranes through aftercare services.

Moreover, manufacturers are also investing in research and development solutions to bring noticeable equipment innovation.

This will produce a sharp hike in crane buying demand that will affirmatively contribute to the exponential expansion of the global crane market.

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