Finance Used Heavy Equipment For Secure Construction Chores

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  • 28 December 2023

Are you a contractor? Does your latest project require buying a used bulldozer? Are you unaware of taxes hidden behind buying heavy equipment? Do you want help with any of the above scenarios? If you are still nodding, we are here with smart used heavy equipment financing to help you secure construction business in the long run;

How To Get Financing Equipment Right?

Before jumping in the knowledge of different loans you must conduct thorough research about your company’s and upcoming project’s needs. Obviously, you want $60,000 for a bulldozer to be used one time only.

You should identify, the type of heavy machinery and other equipment you need to finance first. Then you need to find out if the heavy equipment requires continuous upgrades or if a certain brand offers an all-in-one solution. After all the observations you are good to begin.

The process of acquiring funds is easier done through banks, credit unions, and supply companies. However, the most selected financing options for used heavy machinery are as follows;

Equipment Loan

If you go for an equipment loan you can also claim it as your equity once you pull off the loan amount. You can have the equipment once the purchase process is done moreover, a leaseback agreement can give the finance company the leverage to hold onto your equipment too.

The regulations of used heavy equipment loans are much safer than applying for other types of loans in the construction industry. The equipment bought via equipment loans is collateral and the lender can acquire it back for reselling purposes at greater values if the condition is good. Equipment loan also gives tax leverages to borrowers. 

However, you need to have a down payment in process before you get the equipment loan. But if you hold mass-used heavy construction equipment you can save yourself from hefty deposits. Holding assets can serve as collaterals and emirates the need for a down payment in such a scenario.

But keep in mind, if you are unable to give back the equipment loans, your assets may be seized and resold by the loan-providing company.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing used heavy equipment gives you a big-time money-saving option. With a monthly payment option, you can get your hands on the latest heavy equipment models. Equipment leasing requires no need for a down payment and comes at a lower value in comparison to business loans.

Leasing is a re viable option than getting a loan as it also offers negotiable financing terms. With a lease agreement, you may have hands of equipment at a discounted rate. Though, you may keep the factor of termination charges in mind if the lease agreement is discarded on any term.

However, rental payments are tax deductible. But for leasing the depreciation for tax benefit is equal to zero. Additionally, you will have to bear higher interest rates and it doesn’t give you the option of building equity during the payment duration.

Small Business Loans

Used heavy equipment is also accessible through small business loans. It depends upon the life of the construction equipment. So you don’t have to pay for the equipment if the requirement is over.

But you need to do thorough research for the best rates before applying for a small business loan for used heavy machinery. You need to have a good credit score to qualify for a loan. In case your credit score is not up to the mark you can liaise with small business loan suppliers available online.

Though the online providers make small business loans flexible they come at high interest rates as compared to traditional lenders.

However, to get the construction equipment you need to apply for an amount exceeding $50,000 minimum which is huge. It may affect your tendency to apply for a loan for other errands immediately.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we have summarized the three main categories of getting used to heavy construction equipment. As per your business needs, project requirements, and operators, expertise you can select which form of financing best suits your existing and upcoming construction chores.

Leasing gives you the margin of equipment maintenance for unseen breakdowns. But if you can manage it on your own any firm of loan type can aid your immediate equipment-acquiring needs.

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