What’s John Deere Anticipating For 2024?

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  • 4 December 2023

The year 2023 is about to end and the new year is merely a month away. Many industries are now concluding the entire year’s performance in terms of growth, revenue and loss. The construction equipment industry is no exception. John Deere, a market leader for equipment manufacturers, is also carving the details to set the goals for the next year to come.

It has been seen that the year 2023 started pretty well and went off well even in the fourth quarter, the next year does not seem equally well. John Deere is anticipating to drop the sell, especially in the building and forestry sector in 2024.

Fiscal performance of 2023 at a glance

John Deere stated that the forestry and construction equipment sales saw an 11% rise in the final quarter of 2023. The total revenue in general was recorded as $3.74 billion. Experts say that this rise was due to the increased prices on fleet and freight volumes. These hikes came with some challenges as well that may have an impact on future revenues.

What are the projections for 2024?

Despite a significant rise in the last quarter of 2023, there might be a slight drop in sales next year. There are certain challenges ahead to get the same pace. However, the experts and team at John Deere are hopeful to combat them and get back to the revenue pace quickly.

For factual reasons, the agricultural and construction equipment sales might drop significantly which may have an impact on the overall revenue. The start of the year with such a decline in sales is quite worrisome as the rest of the year mostly depends on the first quarter sales. The company anticipates a decrease in sales of construction and agricultural equipment in the next fiscal year. The construction and forestry sectors have an unclear future due to the uncertainty surrounding upcoming mega projects and infrastructure spending. Brent Norwood, director of investor relations, highlighted the competing factors at play, highlighting the strength of end markets and infrastructure in addition to the need for caution due to high-interest rates in the residential, office, and commercial sectors.

What is the market forecast in general?

John Deere expects a total of 10% decline globally in the construction and forestry equipment category. Whereas the rapid and high spending on infrastructure projects in the United States may have a positive fall on the rest of revenue to keep the company returns stable. Experts also predict that compact equipment sales may stay the same or see a slight decline of 5%. On the other hand, the earth moving equipment will see a fall between 5-10% on average in the United States and Canada.

The overall market forecast is significantly a blend of high or low decline in the sale of construction and forestry equipment. However, the sales of other equipment in other regions may help the overall revenue to balance throughout the year.


The John Deere, an equipment manufacturer has revealed its fiscal performance for the year 2023 and the projection of 2024. According to the leading manufacturer, the final quarter of 2023 was significantly higher in sales of forestry and construction equipment on average. However, the year 2024 is expected to see a decline of 5-10% in the States and Canada particularly in the forestry and construction equipment. This decline may impact the overall revenue of the company whereas the other sector may have a positive sale ratio to cover up the loss. The entire year of 2024 will be a blend of profit and loss but the strategic move of John Deere is expected to cover the fall in sales with a more positive approach.