An Insight To Successful Ireland Delivery: Komatsu D155AX-6 Sold!

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  • Crawler Dozer
  • 27 March 2024

Each client demands customization, focus, and heavy equipment that first their needs and budget. MY-Equipment shines out on the list of trusted heavy equipment suppliers serving quality equipment for years now. Recently, we got the opportunity to delight a customer in Ireland as our 2007 Komatsu D155AX-6 bulldozer got booked.

The Challenge

A client was on the hunt to find a quality used bulldozer for sale. It was challenging for him to land quality machinery despite thorough research. Even when he found a good piece of a bulldozer, he had some other concerns.

With some dealers he faced the freight issue, some were selling heavy equipment at very high rates, some were late at giving responses and some had a limited range of bulldozer models and manufacturers.

Fortunately, he founded MY-Equipment and he conveyed his concerns to us. With a day and night effort and attention to his needs, MY-Equipment with its extensive knowledge won his trust.

The Solution

We strive to understand the needs of every client. Following that approach, we helped him book a 2007 Komatsu D155AX-6 bulldozer that is known for its unmatched productivity, durability, and maneuverability on the field. The ergonomic features and reasonable rating of our used bulldozer for sale made its way to his heart.

Mentioned below are the services provided by MY-Equipment that made him feel his investment is in safer hands;

Timely Delivery

MY-Equipment made the delivery of the bulldozer possible to Ireland at the promised time. Since transporting heavy equipment is a challenge in itself, we dismantle it to transfer it to the desired location safely. Secondly, the inspection team did the final survey to ensure every part was intact in place. The team effort helped in conducting a timely delivery.

“Happy Customer”

What else do we work for? Our primary mission at MY-Equipment is to provide you with quality heavy equipment at great value. And so we did with the Ireland consignment.

Our team not only guided him to find a Komatsu bulldozer but also helped him get a renowned manufacturer’s equipment at a flexible pricing module.

Lastly, we took off his burden of finding another third-party transportation service and delivered the equipment safely. With timely delivery, continuous process updates, and undivided guidance MY-Equipment was able to onboard yet another client.

Looking Ahead

As Komatsu D155AX-6 found its new home, MY-Equipment found its new client. We believe in grilling and sustaining our clientele with a diverse inventory and broad services. Having said that, with the continuous struggle to be better every day, we aim to witness such success stories in Ireland and beyond.

About MY-Equipment 

MY-Equipment is a Texas-Houston-based heavy equipment supplier. We deal in renowned used heavy equipment. With a vast inventory, a dedicated team, and multiple services, we try our best to offer something for different needs!

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