How To Make The Most Out Of Volvo’s Heavy Equipment?

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  • Excavators
  • 25 April 2024

Heavy equipment serves as the absolute asset of a construction business. For any business to succeed or complete its projects timely it is necessary to take care of its fleet. You should know the ins and outs of your equipment especially if you have a Volvo heavy equipment parked in your inventory.

By knowing your heavy machinery you can use it to its full potential. This will increase the effectiveness of your operations and minimize the longevity of in-store heavy equipment. Here’s a complete guide for you to maximize the power of Volvo machinery;

Things To Consider When Using Volvo Heavy Equipment

The smart approach to knowing the capacity of your machinery is to use it in each operation. However, different operations require different machinery so what should be the useful tips that can help with Volvo heavy equipment?

Tips To Use Volvo Crawler Excavator

Volvo excavators run on tracks instead of wheels. These are perfect for heavy-duty construction operations. Consider the following tips to maximize the operations of the Volvo excavator;

Boom Float Consumption

Boom float helps in adjusting the pump pressure from the cylinders. When the boom is lowered the pressure is dispersed which minimizes fuel consumption, improves grading and increases cycle speed.

Through the right-hand joystick, you can activate the boom float. It helps in levelling and compacting the soil. It further eases hammering operations without additional adjustments of managing the bucket. The excavator’s vibration will also be minimized which will eventually minimize excavator’s damage in future.

Work Modes Usage

The main work modes that you will find in Volvos excavators are as follows;

  • General mode
  • Idle mode
  • Heavy mode
  • Fine mode

All these modes are a single dial away which makes it easier for the operator to integrate and switch between different work modes.

The starting mode is considered as the idle mode. The second mode is the fine mode has two settings; the first mode works for grading operation and the second helps with the trenching operations or lowering the trench on the floor.

All these work modes will give you different RPMs for different kinds of operations. By adjusting these work modes, the operator can adjust the power for different works like excavating, digging or similar operations.

Lastly, the heavy mode as the name suggests is perfect for heavy-duty construction jobs.

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Tips To Use Volvo Wheel Loaders

The main operation of a wheel loader is to load different materials from one point to another through a lifting arm and load-carrying bucket. Here are some tips to maximize a Volvo loader safely;

Wheel Loader Assistance Program

Volvo has blessed its users with a wheel loader coaching program. Through this program operator can gain real-time data of the field and use the loader to its high potential.

You can also set operator goals to increase productivity and get better insights. You can set different operations like braking, throttle position, idling time and many more jobs. It will help you assess your set operations and increase your overall productivity rate.

Loading Capacity

If you have a Volvo wheel loader you may want to increase the loading efficiency. But how to improvise the cycle time? The boom kick-out feature helps you in achieving this objective as it helps in lifting multiple objects by adjusting the boom.

Another important feature is the return-to-dig feature that will return the bucket to its place quickly.

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The Final Take

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