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1993 330L

Serial: 8FK00592
Hours: 14,287

A/C, 12.10 Stick, 56 Inch Bucket.

2003 330CL

Serial: DKY01535
Hours: 12,402

One Piece Reach Boom, 154" Stick, Plumbed, Set Up for Mechanical Thumb, engine cover bent,

2000 330BL

Serial: 6DR03946
Hours: 17,433

C/W BKT & Thumb, Strong Engine, Hydraulics Hammer Lines, Erops W/ AC, Heat, Good U/C Runs a

1993 330 L

Serial: 8FK00159
Hours: 19,786

Description: Cab w/o AC * Long Arm * Standard Boom * Long Track * Wide Pads * 34" Pads * A

1998 330BL

Serial: 6DR02403
Hours: 14,693

Lighting, Am Fm Radio, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Engine Enclosures, Boom, 1 Piece, Carbody, Standar

$ 42,000

CAT released its next generation of excavators in the 330 range, which included the 330L, 330CL, 330BL and 330L. Compared to CAT's previous excavator models, the CAT 330 was designed to improve the efficiency of excavator work and provide maximum comfort for the machine's operator.

Next-generation technology
Through a touchscreen monitor, an operator can control the CAT 330 depth, horizontal distance and slope, allowing operations to be more accurate and efficient. Automative bucket movements enable the operator to stay on grade easily during single-lever digging processes. The machine is able to produce weighting and payload estimates in real-time, helping to avoid over or under loading of trucks, increasing the efficiency of construction projects.

Low cost per hour performance
Operation features automatically adjust the hydraulic and engine power to the required digging conditions, so fuel consumption is always optimum without unnecessary waste or compromising the machine's performance. Fuel efficiency is further improved by a feature which automatically lowers the engine speed when no hydraulic demand is present. To prevent overheating, an innovative cooling system utilises auto-reversing electric fans which are able to monitor oil, radiator and aftercooler temperatures automatically to provide the optimal level of cooling.

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