2009 Caterpillar 140M


  • Year: 2009
  • Hours: 9,716
  • Model: 140M
  • Serial: B9M00728
  • Location: Houston, Texas


Extension, Blade, 24"X 27" Lh, Lines, standard W/o Accumulator, Radio Ready, Entertainment, Light, Cab, Snow Wing, Rh 3x3, Mounting, For Warning Light, Converter, Communication (Cb), Global Arrangement, Seat, Air Suspension, Cloth, Precleaner, Sy-klone, Lights, Work, Midframe Toe 3x3, Lights, Ripper 3x3, Cutting Edge, 14' Blade, End Bits, Standard, Product Link, Pl321, Ladder, Cab, Right Hand Side, Switch, Work Lighting, Hydraulics, Base & 4 Functions, Blade, 14' X 27" X 1", Drain, Ecology, Engine Gravity, Film, Engine, Vhp Plus, Covers, Screen, Mounting, Snow Wing, Lines, Ripper, Additional, Tires, 17.5r25 Bs Vkt 1* Mp, No Compressor, Snow Arrangement, Fenders, Rear, Hitch, Towing, Tank, Fuel, Standard, Guard, Debris, Light, warning, beacon, strobe Hs, Lights, Work, Heel 3x3, Lights, Road 3 X 3, Radio, 12v, Am/fm/cd Weatherbd, Door, Cab, Right Hand Side, Lights, Front Headlights, High, Language, English, Fenders, Front, Non-awd.

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